Announcing 2 New Releases from Anarchy Books – and a very special $0.99/£0.99 celebratory offer!!!

SPIRAL and DARKNESS – Press Release

Announcing 2 New Releases from Anarchy Books – and a very special $0.99/£0.99 celebratory offer!!!

26th July marks a very special day at Anarchy Books.

Two books are slated for release –

First, Spiral, the 2003 best-selling (10,000 copies in the first week, beating Tolkien and Pratchett to the No.1 spot, no less!) SF thriller by Andy Remic is due its second NEW AND IMPROVED eBook edition, crammed with lots of extras including: a bonus short story, an interview with Andy Remic, the Spiral “original blurb”, the Spiral “original synopsis”, the original 10,000 word “first chapter”, the infamous deleted “rape scene” (deemed by Orbit as being too controversial for the US market- damn you, US market!!), and also original the original 2003 copy-edit notes – many things that might be of interest to wannabe writers, and fans of the Spiral universe. And all for… $0.99 and £0.99, for a short limited period! Cheap as chips.

And… it’s Andy Remic’s birthday :-)



- No. 1 Best-selling SF/Thriller -

First published by Orbit Books in 2003

Now, for the first time, re-edited and presented here with LOTS of extras…

Spiral. A world where nuclear warheads can be hidden in a briefcase… A world where bio-plagues are held suspended in a teardrop… Prepare for Chaos!

In a world where conventional armies are powerless to defend against a single assassin, the secret organisation known as Spiral exists to fight a shadow war against fanatics and rogue states of every faith and political persuasion.

Meet Carter, Spiral’s toughest operative – retired, in self-imposed exile in the Scottish mountains with his dog and a supply of Lagavulin. But Spiral come under vicious attack, its Demolition Squads wiped out with consummate ease, and Carter is visited by former lover Natasha who persuades him to help… but can he trust her?

Dragged back into the shadowy world of global terrorists and assassination, Carter realises Spiral’s enemies are deadly – for they are the Nex, soldiers blended with insect DNA making them almost unstoppable.

From Germany to the UK, from Africa to LA, from Austria to Russia, Carter is dragged further and further into a complicated world puzzle in a battle for civilization’s survival.

And if Carter fails, the world falls with him.


Second up, we have heroic fantasy saga Darkness by our very own Edward Drake. And get this — it’s being published on his wedding day! So Happy Wedding Day, Mr Drake!! Darkness_500



by Edward Drake

Castille is a land in ruin. Morrigan and his Paladins have laid waste what once stood, shattering the peace of a hundred years.

Garrick Chilver, newly knighted, along with his companions, set out to find the killer of the last of his family. Together with a murderer, an innocent marked for great power, a veteran of a dozen campaigns, a mysterious sorcerer and two escaped slaves, he will fight to drive back Morrigan’s hellish unleashed nightmares… and avenge those loved ones he has lost.

The Paladins are not the only threat Garrick’s party will face. In the shadows lurk those who wait merely for the right moment to strike at the weakened nation. Corrupt and power-hungry, they see their righteous chance amidst the chaos.

In his pursuit of vengeance, Garrick will lead the knights to the citadel of Rheins, the one defence on the borders of Castille. If the citadel falls, there will be nothing to stop Morrigan’s destructive rage.

The Warrior’s Journey is an epic series of champions and honour, showing what it truly means to be a hero – a shining example of a bright flame ranged against the darkness of chaos!


ARCs are now available for reviewers – just email

And visit for more information.





Press Release: Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict – The Movie

Yes!! I am making a new film. Part doc, part re-enactment, all FUN.

ZX Film_horiz_500


Check out our INDIEGOGO campaign:

Based on Andy Remic’s PhD thesis, memoirs of a childhood growing up with the ZX Spectrum – and how it created a writer with 16 internationally published novels (translated into 6 languages) – Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict will be a full length documentary feature film (110+ minutes) which is part cinema-style drama (think 1983 re-enactments, Hitchcock-style), part interview with major industry figures, and part nostalgic journey for the people who experienced this life-changing period of Sinclair’s Wonder Machine.

At the age of 13, Andy Remic became obsessed with the ZX Spectrum. He wrote games, he played games, and became World Champion (in his head) at Stephen Crow’s Starquake. His whole world revolved around the Speccy. At home. In the playground. In his programming bedroom. He chatted to Richard Eddy at Crash Magazine. He chatted to Richard Darling at Codemasters. Eventually, his games were reviewed in Crash Magazine, and appeared on the cover cassettes of Crash, Your Sinclair and Sinclair User.

Then came a career in novels – where Rem did a little better, achieving best-selling status in 2003 with his debut thriller novel, SPIRAL, published by Orbit Books. With the publication of his fifth novel, BIOHELL, Rem decided to revisit his roots – and wrote the Spectrum version of his novel (which can now be found on [under the adult section, unfortunately, due to a few wee bad words]). More novels followed…. and then Rem got together with Jonathan Smith, Jonathan Smifff, Joffa Smifff, writer of Spectrum classics like Mikie, Hysteria, Cobra, Firefly and Batman: The Caped Crusader. They collaborated on ideas for a movie! Rem would do the writing and filming; Joffa would do animatronics, special effects and gore. It was going to be an awesome project and Rem was privileged to see some of Jof’s short films!!

Their project became a feature film, IMPURITY. Unfortunately, unbelievably, Jonathan Smith passed away in 2010, before filming began.

Now, the plan is to make a feature film documentary/ docudrama celebrating the ZX Spectrum. Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict will have dramatic re-enactments! It will have interviews like you’ve never seen before! It will have prominent industry figures! And it will have real people who grew up influenced by the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Please chip in and help out with this Indiegogo campaign. The more money we raise, the higher the production values! This film WILL BE the ULTIMATE ZX SPECTRUM MOVIE of the century!

Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict — A film dedicated to Jonathan Smith.


We need your help with funding. In return, you get perks such as DVDs, unique signed production stills, the chance to be in the movie itself, in-movie promotion of Speccy-related games and products, invites to the premiere of the movie – as well as INVESTOR STATUS for contributions of £500 and over, where you have a chance to make back your investment AND a percentage of profits. The more contributions we get, the higher the quality of movie!! The funding limit specified on Indiegogo is the absolute minimum necessary to get this project going… so please get involved.

We also need help spreading the word. So PLEASE blog, twitter, facebook, tell your friends and family and Spectrum obsessives. There are a lot out there!

Check out our campaign HERE:


Andy Remic is a novelist and filmmaker. He is part of the collaborative independent film production company, Anarchy Films. We have made one previous feature film, IMPURITY, and are in pre-production for our second supernatural thriller, THE MASK WITHIN.

MEMOIRS OF A SPECTRUM ADDICT is a project of passion and nostalgia by director and author, Andy Remic.

This truly is a film that we believe in.

We believe this is a film that needs to be made. Not just to fulfil nostalgic reminisces, but to help preserve the precious memories of the Spectrum… and immortalise the Spectrum addict; and all those moments in time we had….

You can check out our credentials at:

Anarchy Films:

Impurity the movie website:

Andy Remic, author:

Andy Remic on IMDB:

Impurity on IMDB:

War Machine – only $0.99, this weekend only!

Hi there, my first Combat K novel WAR MACHINE published by Solaris Books is part of a Barnes & Noble promotion this weekend (Fri midnight to Sunday midnight EST), alongside other authors such as Eric Brown and Paul Kearney. So, for $0.99 ebooks, head over to…………. and enjoy!! :-)

War Machine cover

The White Towers – Second Review Now In!!

The White TowersThe White Towers Review – The Eloquent Page

Er, Paul Holmes really liked the book. Which is a great thing! I am very honoured. The problem is…. Book 3 might be *a little while*…..

“Book two of The Rage of Kings series ends on a suitably shocking note, an impressive feat in itself considering there have been pages and pages of chaos and bloodshed already. I now find myself in the midst of a quandary. I need to know what happens next, immediately if not sooner. Like a warrior addicted to the honey leaf, I’m already craving my next Iron Wolves fix. Damn you Remic! Damn you and your sneakily evil, blackest of black hearts, with all your insanely readable stories and your utterly nutty characters.”

I love this….

“When it comes to all this adult content I count myself a fan of Remic’s raw, often visceral, style. I think it takes genuine skill to know when to go all out and when a moment is best left to a reader’s own imagination. I’ve read more than a few examples from other authors attempting to deliver fictional shocks. More often than not they tend to get this delicate balance wrong. Andy Remic however always manages to tread this fine line with the masterful skill I’ve come to expect.”

and finally…

“Now I’d imagine some of you will be asking the questions “How do I know if Mr Remic is the right author for me? Should I be reading The White Towers?” Fear not… Things regularly get extremely violent – blood, guts, and gore abound. Seriously, try and imagine the most graphic scene you have ever read. Got it? Good. Multiply that by about a factor of 100 and then add more axes….”

Heh. That’s brilliant. Both Kell and Narnok would be proud!!

The White Towers – First Review In!!

The White TowersReviews for The White Towers have started coming in, and I’m thrilled with the first one. Bob R. Milne over at Beauty in Ruins ( comes out with a few great lines himself-

“Andy Remic really opens up the lives and histories of the Iron Wolves here, providing us with glimpses into who they really are, where they’ve come from, and what makes them tick. It’s an approach that strips away some of the madcap cruelty of the first volume, humanizing the Wolves in such a manner that you can’t help but sympathize with even the darkest of the lot…”


“The villains this time out aren’t mud orcs but elf rats… These guys are really creepy, with the ability to send out roots and tendrils that can either creep inside your head and steal your thoughts, or brutally rape your every orifice and tear you from the inside out.”


“Once again, Remic mixes ample doses of pulp and profanity into his fantasy, with dark horrors balanced by even darker humor, creating a sequel that builds nicely on the original, and which absolutely demands a third.”

Thank you Bob!!!

The White Towers + New Video Blog + Dorothy Lumley

Hello Peeps,

And so, with an impending new book out, The White Towers, published by Angry Robot Books on 2nd June 2014, I decided to embark on the dark path of the (shhhh) Video Blogger, or Vblogger (Vlogger? Vogger? Bogger? What the Hell!). And thus what you see before you are some of my ramblings. If you really have NOTHING better to do, then click….. PLAY. (***See below).

*** On a serious note, in this vlog I read the dedication to The White Towers – dedicated to Dorothy Lumley of the Dorian Literary Agency. May she sincerely Rest In Peace. Good night Dot. xxx



The White Towers – Goodreads Giveaway

The White TowersDo you want to experience MUD-ORCS slaughtered by axe-wielding maniacs?

Do you want to see the damage an ELF-RAT sorcerer can inflict?

Do you want anti-heroes, baby, anti-heroes….?

Well you need a slice of Andy Remic’s latest books then – and there’s 20 of the blighters up for grabs!!

To celebrate the IMPENDING release of THE WHITE TOWERS, follow up to the much celebrated THE IRON WOLVES at the beginning of June 2014, Angry Robot Books are running not one, but two!! Goodreads giveaway competitions – one for The Iron Wolves and one for The White Towers.

There are 10 COPIES!! of each book up for grabs and anyone from the UK, US, Canada and Ireland can enter the competition. This competition is live until the 20th of June 2014.

Here are the links:

The Iron Wolves -

The White Towers -

The White Towers – Advance Reader Copy (ARC) Now Available.

Yes peeps!! The White Towers, follow up to the award winning (!!!?:-)) Remic novel, The Iron Wolves, is available to buy and steal from June 2014. The ARC, however, is now available for reviewer/ blogger types at Net Galley. So – go on. Let me know what you think!!

The White Towers