Th3 m1ss1ng

Th3 m1ss1ng – my FAVE band – release their first single… Just received this “hot off the press” announcement from my good buddies indie band Th3 m1ss1ng, who also supplied all the music for the podcasts of my novels over at… Th3 m1ss1ng are thrilled to announce that their debut single will be released as mp3 from today. The single “first” will be available to download from the following sites:

iTunes –

Amazon (US) –

Amazon (UK) –

Rhapsody –

eMusic –

Napster –

A video has also been put together to accompany the release of this single which can be found on our website

Th3 m1ss1ng also hope to release an e.p. at the end of the summer. Keep an eye on our MySpace page for further news.

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