Remic’s Golden Eagle Encounter.

golden-eagleSometimes, something random happens that is truly wonderful. I went climbing last week with my mate Jake, up near Haweswater in the Lake District. And we were honoured to see our first Golden Eagle. In fact, not only did we see our first Golden Eagle, we saw it strike down and clutch a stoat – so, an eagle in full-on predator hunting strike! Incredible! And even more amazing was the fact that I nearly ran the damn thing down in my Passat. Surprised? The GE dropped its would-be lunch, feral eyes locked to mine as its huge wings beat the air, and launched back up into the sky. The stoat, thankfully, was unharmed in the making of this documentary, and scampered into the roadside grass, possibly one of the luckiest stoats alive.

Not only did I see my first GE, I nearly killed my first as well! That would have made me favourable with the RSPB then, wouldn’t it? My mate suggested we could have draped it over a nearby stone wall, then all thsoe frustrated bird watchers who go home with an empty-experience could have at least seen the bird of their dreams. Although I’m sure the Dunlop treadmarks would have been off-putting.

Still, a magical experience. And a damn lucky stoat.

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  1. JEff said:

    I encountered one in the middle of a 4 lane highway as I headed toward it and passed it in my van looking at it through the passengengers side as I was driving – giiving it a wide enough bertj of course . It did not move it did not turn its head it owned the road. – Most majestic indeed. TIt stood almost as a statue at least over 3 feet tall.

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