SF Crowsnest…

It’s with great pleasure I can confirm Stephen Hunt, the main man of the incredible Sf Crowsnest, has joined our little positive SFFE group (the SFFE being my “bit on the side” —- http://www.sciencefictionandfantasyenthusiasts.com/).

He brings with him a wealth of blogging experience from which we can all learn!!


Stephen Hunt is the fantasy and science fiction author behind the best-selling Jackelian Kingdom series of fantasy novels: ‘The Court of the Air’, ‘The Kingdom Beyond the Waves’, ‘The Rise of the Iron Moon’, and ‘The Secrets of the Fire Sea’. The Jackelian world features a fantastic far-future Earth where the laws of physics have rendered electricity unreliable, and society has rebuilt the world with steam, clockwork, genetic engineering and nano-mechanical systems.

Stephen Hunt is HarperCollins’ main fantasy author in the UK, and he is published in the USA by Tor. Foreign language and international editions of the four novels of the Jackelian series have been sold to Albin Michel (France), Verlagsgruppe Random House (Germany), Enterbrain Manga and Anime (Japan), Edições Saída de Emergência (Portugal), Paidós (Spain), AST (Russia), and the Anhui Literature and Art Publishing House (China).

His official web site is www.SFcrowsnest.com (the UK’s oldest science fiction and fantasy web site with 800,000 readers a month), his personal web site is at www.StephenHunt.net, while his appearances as Guest Literary Editor of the SCIFI Channel can be seen at www.scifi.co.uk.

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