There’s Something About Mary.




























Her name is Mary. She is beautiful indeed. She is from Bavaria. She is very strong. I smuggled her through customs in a crate of olives… and now she is mine. I have been getting to know Mary very well, and we have toured all over the Yorkshire Dales, breaking in her engine. The more I ride Mary, the stronger she gets, the more we gel, the more we click. I totally admire her ABS and traction control. In a torrential downpour coming out of Kendal, I appreciated her heated grips and superior Bavarian weather protection. I believe Mary and I have a long life together, and will indulge many an adventure to come, including a tour of the Scottish Highlands. It is my ambition to ride Mary to Kilimanjaro and climb to the peak after seeing lions. You see… there’s something about Mary. She is mine. She is my Precious.

Some people think 13K is possibly too much for a bike. I would have to disagree. After a near-death experience, it seemed rather cheap indeed 🙂

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