Dirty Old Town.

I’m currently on my hols in Ireland, so apologies for any late (or no) replies. Been right over to the West Coast (so very, very wet – now I know why the Irish drink so much!!), then down through Dungarven and through Wexford, Kilmuckridge and Wicklow (went climbing in the Wicklow Mountains, ace!!) and now a few nights in Dublin to, err, relax. Temple Bar, here I come 🙂

  1. ttombanner said:

    Hi, I’ve been a fan of your writing for a while now, I was just wondering if you would mind me putting a link to your page on my blog? I have recommended you to the majority of my friends and almost forced some of them to read spiral. Even the people I know who don’t often read asked me for quake when they had finished. I obviously didn’t want to be rude and link you without asking first. I’m at http://www.ttombanner.wordpress.com if you feel like checking it out beforehand or anything like that. Hope to hear from you sometime soon. Thanks.

  2. andyremic said:

    Sure mate, put a link up, no problem!!
    And glad you press-ganged your friends to read my books, haha. That’s what I like. Enforced reading!!

    Just need another few million sales, and I can buy that Porsche……..

  3. ttombanner said:

    haha. Thanks. I don’t know about a few million but I’m sure I can manage the “few” part. It’s really refreshing that you maintain this page yourself and talk to fans. Thanks again.

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