The Irish Rover (or) What I Did on my Hols.


And so, I’ve been to Ireland for 15 nights for a short break, and now (as I write) I’m on the return journey on StenaLine and find myself with some WiFi connection and a few free minutes to contemplate Ireland and all things Irish. What have I learned? Well, Ireland is a beautiful and stunning country. Spent a few days over on the West Coast, around Glengarriff in West Cork, which is just unique. I was planning on climbing a mountain whilst there, but the rain, man, the rain!! As I said (somewhere else) now I know why the Irish drink so much, ha. Or don’t, as much, as the case may be — well, for me anyway because of the naff exchange rate, £25 for a crappy bottle of Tesco whiskey seemed a tad steep– and the price of a single malt? Fuggedabootit (well on my meagre salary, anyway, haha). I had to turn to Local Brew, which leads me neatly on to: Guinness. Wunnerful stuff, as I already knew. But come on, everybody bangs on about how it’s so much better in Ireland – and I just disagree. It’s the same as in Manchester, or London, or New York. Maybe this is my fried taste buds after 25 years of curry (ha, Dave Lister Syndrome I am sure) but there is no discernible difference; I tell ye.

Stayed in Dungarven, Waterford, by the beach, which was just brilliant. The boys had a fun time fishing for crabs and paddling, and I got to cycle on the beach for the first time ever, which is something I’ve never done before. Started running again, and it was a joy to run on the beach at dawn and dusk. Then travelled round to Kilmuckridge in Wexford, which had stunning beaches, as good as anything I’ve seen in Italy or Greece – just a shame you couldn’t go in the sea because it was so damn chilly! Ouch! Or maybe I’m just a Big Girl (yep!). Went climbing in the Wicklow Mountains, and watched in amazement as my dog disappeared through the heather into a 6 foot peat pit. What a bitch. Had some fun getting her out of that one the dumb mangy mongrel!!


Spent the last few nights in Dublin. The Dirty Old Town. And what a Wonderful Dirty Old Town it is. Thoroughly enjoyed exploring its streets and bars, and talking to its people. Yes, the people in Ireland are grand, but it has to be said, they really should learn to, err, drive. There’s this funny stick thing in your car, and it’s called an indicator and you use it to indicate when you want to turn. There. Said it.

From a writing angle, whilst on my hols I penned a 7000 word short story based in my “Kell’s Legend” universe for HUB magazine (subscribe to this wonderful free magazine, here: and also managed a cool 12,000 words on my second Kell’s Legend novel, SOUL STEALERS, due out March(ish) 2010.

During my hols, Kell’s Legend was finally printed and Marco (AR Big Boss) has a copy in his hands!! I get my box ‘o books next week :-). And finally, on the Angry Robot website, the prologue and first chapter of Kell’s has been released as a funky download, which you can get here:

So, things move apace!! And looking forward to OCTOCON…. ach, just realised, it clashes with my newly rearranged book launch in London!! Noo! So then, I’ll actually be in London on 10th October 2009 at Forbidden Planet. Not Octocon.

  1. Mark said:

    10th October is in the diary 🙂

    I was going to offer you a Guinness, but it seems a bit of whiskey might be called for instead..

  2. andyremic said:

    Lots of whiskey, my man. LOTS of whiskey…

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