Better Than Dan Brown, haha.

Look at this picture, taken in Waterstones yesterday ………. KELL’S LEGEND dominating the Dan Brown stand!! Cool huh?? As an aside, KELL’S LEGEND is also this months Waterstone’s SF BOOK OF THE MONTH!!! Wowsers!! And its on a 3 for 2 offer at the moment so rush out and, err, buy 3 copies for you and your friends 🙂


  1. Timo said:

    I actually bought this book yesterday on a whim, the ‘3rd’ of 2 at Waterstones, sceptically eying the cover, but the book of the month shout-out nudged me into the buy. I still shudder at the cover 😛 But..

    …best read in a while. Incredible. Starting reading it on the Tube home. Holy. S***. What an amazing tour de force. Just finished it and can’t wait for the next novel. I’ll have to inhale all your other books while I wait.

    Hurry up and pop out the next few please 🙂 Feel free to make them longer while you’re at it as well. Think Steven Erikson or Peter F Hamilton length… hehe.

  2. andyremic said:

    Ha ha, it’s so funny you don’t like the cover…. I love it!! Anyway, I’m really pleased you liked the book, thanks very much for the encouragement. Us authors still need positive reader input to carry on!! 🙂 Check out the idiot who wrote the review on Amazon…. I’ve always claimed to love Gemmell and that this is a Gemmellesque novel. Sigh. Anyways!!! Book 2 SOUL STEALERS nearly finished…. promise!! Should be out in March so not long to wait now, and containing the same mix of heady fantasy hardcore. Cheers.

  3. Timo said:

    Yeah, I saw the review on Amazon! I actually posted a review in response, what a ******.

    It’s not that I didn’t like the cover *cough* it’s just a bit out there 🙂 I think it will attract a slightly younger audience, which isn’t necessary a bad thing, but personally coming from a sales background I would feel you could probably increase your conversions of sale by generating a more abstract, less hardcore, ‘shopping window’. In effect catering to a broader fantasy market.

    Your writing is honestly amazing, so once you have the readers hooked, ‘closed’, they will continue reading and recommending it. Even the **** who wrote the review on Amazon effectively enjoyed it, but only cried about it not meeting a personal Gemmell fan boy standard. Please.

    The moment I can pre-order the next one, I will. I’ve been running out of books to read and very happy to have found your writing! This actually was the first of your books I read! I’ll get the others and read in order of publishing 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. andyremic said:

    Very kind of you sir!! If you email me, I’ll explain about the stars 🙂

    Have a good one!! Back to writing the follow up now!!

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