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KellsLegend-front-72dpiOK, I’ve read three reviews of KELL’S LEGEND now – two great, one not so great. However, one of the great is perhaps the greatest review I’ve ever ever had of one of my books– so on to that in a minute!! And just a reminder: KELL’S LEGEND is currently WATERSTONES SFF BOOK OF THE MONTH! Cool 🙂

First up is one of my favourite blog pages, run by an enthusiastic couple who are genuine fans:

 “Let’s face it, in a world where your primary line of defense is a sword or axe, things are going to get messy in short order. Andy’s acknowledged this and has delivered an engaging, fast paced cocktail of violence and intrigue that grabs you right from the outset and doesn’t let go until you run out of pages… Dan who? The Lost what? Nevermind all that. Buy this instead!”

For the full review check out:

Next up is a review in SFX magazine by Briana Drinkwaters, and she apparently didn’t like the book, and for some reason doesn’t like the name of the Clockwork Vampires, or that the novel features scenes of violence and sex and rape. Err. Okay. However, some of her comments are positive, but it still gets a miserable tail dragging 2.5 out of 5. Boo hiss!! Haven’t got a copy of that (admittedly) great mag SFX in front of me, so no direct quotes— but there are some really amusing phrases in there which I’m sure I can twist into a positive context, haha 😉

Finally, just read a review on another cool site called Science Fiction and Fantasy based in good ol’ Blighty. The comments of the reviewer have left me blown away, and humbled, and I’m so pleased he “got it”. Yes, my novel KELL’S LEGEND is a homage to David Gemmell, the greatest fantasy author who lived, in my opinion. Anyway, the site claims:

“This [fantasy] tradition though is then bashed on the head and burried 6 feet deep with inclusion of the clockwork vampires creating a blend of fantasy horror and fantastic fight scenes. I mean really top quality fight scenes. One of Gemmell’s most redeeming qualities as an author was his ability to write about fighting and war to such a degree that you almost felt like rushing through his novels to get to those bits. Kell’s Legend fight scenes live up to this quality and elevate the novel way above the standard fare. Kell’s Legend is a novel of power and scope, able to stand as a worthy successor to the Gemmell crown.”

Thank you very much Ant!! It’s positive stuff like this which keeps us manic-depressive authors still writing!! Honest.

Read the full review at:

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  1. Ant said:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the compliment, keep up the good work. Like yourself I am a big fan of David Gemmell and you honour his memory and yet create a unique story worthy on it’s own merits.

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