Fantasy Con 2009 Photos.

Yes, it was a great con (despite missing my own reading thanks to Lee Harris and his rubber mask fetish/ had to be rearranged for Sunday- video to follow), and met many great people including Ian Watson, Gail Z. Martin, Ian Graham, Stephane Marsan, Simon R. Green, Mark Newton (with his ASDA jumper, bless), Sharon Reamer and the usual Angry Robot and Solaris crews. Below are some photos, and I have some video footage which I’ll YouTube in the next week, which shows a panel discussing Heroic Fantasy post-Gemmell, and liccle old me doing a reading from Kell’s Legend. Oh, and I found out I was currently HarperCollins No2 best-selling fantasy author this month, outselling even the great Raymond Feist!! Wowsers. Anyway, bring on Eastercon!!

FCon Guys

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