Another Good Review, and Notes About Gemmell.

Had some good solid reviews now, so I can relax a little. It’s always cool to have had some positives ready for when the negatives come in. I think it’s only when you get 100% bad ones you should worry…. argh!! 😉

Anyway, Luke says: “Andy Remic is a proud member of the post-Gemmell school of heroic fantasy, taking tropes Gemmell popularized and adding the modern touch, including more violence… Remic creates four very well-fleshed out characters, each one playing an important role. His tale is interesting, as it wanders around his created world, introducing the characters’ history and the society they live in without bogging down the action. At times, when the tale follows other, more minor characters, such as the king’s wife, or a disgraced clockwork vampire (the bad guys!), the tale does seem to slow down, but for the most part Remic keeps things tight and fast.”

Check out: for the full review.

What I love about this review is that the writer understands that I am a big BIG BIG!!! Dave Gemmell fanboy. In truth, it was because of reading LEGEND at the age of 15 that I started to write my own fantasy. So, when given the opportunity to write and be published in the heroic fantasy genre (thanks again Marco!!) I could see no other path than to pay some tribute to DG.

There’s a couple of reviews on Amazon which just don’t get this. They seem to think I’m trying to rip off DG by using phrases like “Laddie” and “Old Horse” in my text. No. This is supposed to be a tribute for those in the “know”. Yes, I have a character like Druss – but conversely, not like Druss. As will be revealed by the end of Book 3!! The whole point was that in KELL’S LEGEND I had a traditional stereotype aged fantasy warrior, partnered with a dandy bisexual sycophant so that their banter would be amusing; which I hope it is. But then I also merged this with what I consider an original fantasy concept: that of Clockwork Vampires, and their deviated and accelerated clockwork technology.

What I didn’t do was sit down and think: I’m rewriting LEGEND. Because that would be impossible. LEGEND is unique (although my personal fave of DG is LION OF MACEDON – a book I think is actually 100% perfect. I remember telling him at the time; and even now, it has stood the test of time).

Anyway, what do you think? Did I rip off Big Dave Gemmell? A man I totally admired and was one of the only guys I thought of as a personal hero? I really hope not. When he died, me and Ian Graham built a fire and toasted the great man to the Hall of Heroes with a bottle of whiskey. No other writer will ever get that treatment from me.

  1. Andrew said:

    Hi Andy

    Just came across Kell’s Legend and will admit its the first of your books I have read but greatly enjoyed it and has me looking at some of your others.

    I am just an average joe not a critic or expert by any means but like you I am a HUGE David Gemmell fanboy and I don’t think you have ripped him off at all. There are some similarities but I find them minor and reading Kell’s Legend did not have me thinking back to Legend at all. Kell and Druss are very different characters as are Saark and Sieben.

    I eagerly await the next book to see how the story progresses and to explore the relationship between Kell and Ilanna.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your future and past works.

  2. andyremic said:

    Thanks very much Andrew!! I wish some of you guys would put this stuff on Amazon, that’s where the publishers look when they’re dishing out new contracts 😉

    Second book nearly finished, and there’ll be lots more of Kell and Ilanna, I promise you :-)!!


  3. Magika said:

    Hello good sir,
    First i would just like to say well done on KELLS LEGEND, i was hooked from start to finish. It is the first off your novels i have read but i am sitting waiting on pay day so i can go get myself the others.
    I will admit the only reason i picked the book up was because the image off Kell on the cover reminded me off what i had always thought Druss would look, and when i seen that the Legend DG himself was given a nod from yourself within first pages i knew i had to see if you were as good as i hoped you were going to be.
    And i would just like to say thankyou because you didnt disapoint infact you blew all expectations out the water.
    P.S. Lion of Macedon is also my favorite off DG’s many great storys.

    Cheers again and if you want to realise the second clockwork book sooner than proposed i would be extremely greatful haha

  4. Thank you! just what I need to read right now…

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