Remic Compared to Tarantino!

I just can’t believe this!! It is so flattering and possibly one of the best reviews I’ve ever had!!

“It’s entertaining and powerful, taking all that is wonderful about truly epic, adventurous fantasy and twisting it like Quentin Tarantino twists the movies. Remic is the Tarantino of fantasy … and if that isn’t a compliment, then I don’t know what is.” – Fantasy & SciFi Lovin News and Reviews on KELL’S LEGEND.

You can read the fully glowing review at:


  1. SMD said:

    And just think, the guy who wrote that glowing review is about to send you an email begging you to agree to an interview for his other blog :P…as soon as he can find the blasted address…

  2. andyremic said:

    What, so you think the review and Quentin Tarantino comparison was just a cunning ploy to bend Remic to an evil mastermind’s plot for further exploitation? Haha. Well, I hear he is pretty susceptible to the odd bribe of beer and whiskey 😉 and he is a definite sucker for flattery (and Tarantino comparisons!!!). He might just agree to your wicked demands …

  3. SMD said:

    Okay, getting back to you quite late here, but I did send you an email some time back…figure you’ve been busy is all.

    I actually do owe you a pint, by the way. I believe it was on Twitter or Facebook or somewhere that I made you a deal that if I liked one of your books I would buy you a pint some day…and I did like one of your books, so next time you’re in Florida or I’m near you (I’ll be in Lincoln, UK in July, actually), you will be paid in beer.


    • andyremic said:

      Hey there,
      Sure look me up when you’re in Lincoln 🙂
      And I’ll be in Florida this year as well, probably around June 2010; it would be cool to see where the locals drink!!

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