Liverpool Signing.

Here are a couple of shots from my Liverpool signing yesterday, where I met a few extremely interesting and unique people!! Great fun were the comedy duo, Jay and Mike, who kept me entertained for about twenty minutes with their banter, dialogue, and exhaustive knowledge of War Machine and Biohell. Proper Combat K  junkies 🙂   I really enjoyed myself actually, and retired after the signing to a dingy little pub out back called The Swan which served a fine pint o’ Black Sheep. Good stuff 🙂  Cheers to Chris at FP, as well, for being so organised.

  1. Andy,

    I’m in St. Louis, MO USA so I was unable to attend this event…so I ordered a signed copy of Hardcore from FP and wanted to tell you I’m looking forward to this and even more adventures from Combat K.

    In fact, though we at are all about action figures, we’re HUGE sci-fi fans, and we love Combat K so much, we put your series in our Holiday Buyer’s Guide this year. While we’re still hoping for Combat K action figures soon, we thought we’d encourage our fans to read your work for themselves!

    See here –

    Thanks again!
    Jess Horsley
    Managing Editor

  2. andyremic said:

    Hi Jess.
    I’m honoured to be in in your Holiday Buyer’s Guide; thanks very much 😉 Hardcore will be out real soon in the States. Hope you enjoy!!



  3. Thx for the follow-up! I’ve got a copy of Hardcore coming from Forbidden Planet, so I’m hoping to have it read by the time it comes out in the USA and I’m anxious to get my hands on Kell’s Legend as well! Congrats on the nom for the Gemmel Award too!

  4. Jess Horsley said:

    Andy – I thought you should know I’ve canceled my order for a signed copy of Hardcore from Forbidden Planet — NOT because I don’t want to own it, but because I originally ordered it to get it early so I could review it and sadly, as of today, the book has still not shipped from FB.

    I placed the order on Dec 13 and even now, over 5 weeks later, FB’s London store can’t ship out the books because they don’t have them from the Liverpool store yet!

    It’s faster for me to pick up Hardcore from my local book seller here in the USA, so I’ll be doing that…but I’m sorely disappointed it won’t be signed by the mighty asskicker Andy Remic.

    Keep kickin’ ass on the page (and in film, Chemical Man was great!) and maybe the next time you’re at FB London, you can kick them in the ass too!

  5. andyremic said:

    Hi Jess,
    That’s pretty shit. Many apologies on behalf of FP. They’re usually really good, so not sure what’s happened there. I’ve forwarded this message on to FP’s marketing department because it’s insane they’re turning away business.

    I’m in the US this year (probably June) so if you’re anywhere near Florida, I will come and sign your book 🙂



  6. Jess said:

    Andy – Thx for the reply. Yeah, I am really disappointed it took FB this long to get your signed books ready for shipping. I hope they didn’t loose more sales over this. I emailed FB about 8 times and each time they replied it was either “should be shipping in the new year” or “it’ll ship soon.” Really disappointing…

    I did hear back from FB yesterday and they said they would be shipping your signed books out this Friday, which is 6 weeks after you signed them. Personally, I think it’s B.S. it took them so long to get them ready to go and had they been able to get this book to me earlier than the US release date, I would have kept my order, but – like I said, I’ll get your book faster (and for less money) from my local bookseller next week when it hits newsstands in the USA.

    I live in St Louis and money being what it is, I probably won’t get to FL anytime soon, but thanks for the gesture – shows you actually care about your fans, which is more than I can say about some.

    Keep fighting the good fight and I’ll keep reading it!

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