Hellvellyn… It’s a Mad World!

Did most of Striding Edge today, but had to turn back because of 1) the ice, 2) the light sprinkling of snow hiding the ice, and 3) the dog. My wife insisted – “Do not bring back a dead dog” and so half way over Striding, I put her (the dog, not the wife, although it’s worth considering) on a rope leash. Well, she tried her best to pull me off the bloody edge!! So. Best to turn back. Got some great footage for the Soul Stealers promo, though. And met a couple of real nice British squaddies up there training. Hi guys!!

One more thing. Got my first hate mail today! Ha! Hoorah!! At last! Brought a BIG smile to my face. Received it, anonymously of course, from some coward hiding behind the name “Anne American”. Well, I will publish this fine missive tomorrow with a response, when I have more time 😉  Big sloppy kisses, Anne American 😉  And when slagging somebody off, you really, really should learn to spell “faggot”. You idiot.

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