A New Review of Kell’s Legend…

Hi there,

Another cool positive review of Kell’s Legend rolled in yesterday, from Lateral Books.

“I am a big Gemmell fan. In fact, I’m so big a fan that I was very chuffed to see a dedication in the front of Kell’s Legend from Mister Remic to the late great master of a genre of fantasy which I had thought lost – Heroic Fantasy. It’s been so long since we had Robin Hood, or Conan the Barbarian floating around, and Gemmell – he updated them with class. For me, Gemmell revived my favourite heroes and gave them a good kick in the pants. Mister Remic looks like he could do this, too. Druss, he was always my favourite, and it looks like Mister Remic feels this way, too. It has to be said that Kell is an obvious homage to the greatest axeman ever written. Mister Remic has written Kell in such a way that it’s like reading a lost episode of Druss. Perhaps he wouldn’t like me to say that, but I mean it in a cheerful and nostalgic way.”

Read the full review here:


Cheers!! and Merry Christmas!!


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