WANTED – Amateur actors and actresses.

WANTED – Amateur actors and actresses; I’m filming a promo film for HARDCORE, my latest novel, at a steelworks in Bury on Sunday 31st January 2009. It’s non-profit making film (so you don’t get paid) but if you fancy being a zombie nurse/ zombie doctor extra, then drop me an email at jappo@talktalk.net. If you have a uniform/ lab coat, then all the better!! Cheers, Andy Remic.

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  1. Franco's Lovechild said:


    Shit I missed it already 😦 Yeah, yeah i’m a smart arse 😀

    It’s to far for me boo hoo but sounds a reet larf (in a serious zombie film making sense of course.

    Ps I saw the movie ‘Zombieland’ the other day and highly recommend it to all zombie film lovers. It might give you some insparartion too.

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