New 3 Book Deal with SOLARIS BOOKS…

Andy Remic signs new 3 book deal with Solaris Books.

That’s right, I’ve been signed to write another 3 Combat K novels for Solaris Books ( for a 5 figure sum of dosh. The first book has a working title of CLONEWORLD, about a planet torn by civil war between the GANGERS (a race who can clone themselves at will) and the ORGS (think working class self-improved cyborgs with a real bad angry streak). As Jon Oliver writes–

“I have just signed a three book deal with Andy Remic (or REMIC! as we like to refer to him in the office, yes all capitals and an exclamation mark) who will be continuing the Combat K series of novels. Andy is, by far, the hardest man working in SF today (he told me to say that, otherwise he said he’d cut me) and it’s a pleasure to be working with him again. Just in case you need proof of his toughness credentials (and, believe me, he is nails, he makes a mean chilli for a start) here’s a picture of him with a gun. That’s how he writes by the way, gun in one hand, pen in the other, sitting atop a mountain while fighting bears and eating barbed wire”…. haha. Visit Solaris for, er, the picture of the gun.

I’ve also done a couple of interviews for MILSCIFI.COM in the US. If you’re interested in SF and HARDCORE, you should read:

If you’re interested in fantasy, and KELL’S LEGEND, you should check out:

I also wax lyrical about movie projects and suchforth……………….. cheers!!

  1. Franco's Lovechild said:

    This is great news, congratulations!

  2. Lee said:

    You can’t leave us hanging this badly do you at least have an expected/contracted window for publication.
    Am I waiting 9 months or 3 years?

  3. andyremic said:

    Delivery date for the next Combat K book CLONEWORLD is this October, and I would anticipate release 6 months later. But this is me talking, not Solaris…. it seems logical to try and get the book out about a year after HARDCORE, but there are many other factors to consider such as marketing, Christmas releases, that sort of thing. I’ll post as soon as I have definite release dates.

    Be assured, it’ll not be 3 years though !! 😉

    As an extra, there’s a new Combat K story being published this Easter by Newcon Press, in their “Conflicts” anthology. More soon 🙂

  4. Lee said:

    Sorry – busy couple of days.
    Thanks for the update, I always appreciate an author when they talk to their fans.
    I’ll get back to pimping combat-K to all my mates, I really do know that many people with a seriously screwed sense of humour!

  5. Zack said:

    Love the series, but comin man! When is book 5 comin out? It’s been 3 years since Cloneworld!

    • The Editor said:

      Hi Zack. Solaris Books have not yet commissioned another Combat K book… you could always nag them 😉 In the mean time I’ve been working on some kick-ass hardcore fantasy series. Maybe try them out?

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