Kell’s Legend & Soul Stealers Latest News

SOUL STEALERS, Book 2 in the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, is currently gearing up for release at the beginning of May 2010 – and I’ve just had news of a great new review of KELL’S LEGEND, to coinicide neatly with this event, over at the UNBOUND blogzine:

“The vachine are an absolutely incredible concept, fascinating and slightly appalling and something I would never have expected. I loved the way they worked and found their society fascinating although clearly unpleasant.”

To read the full review, check out:

KELL’S LEGEND has also been nominated for the fabulous David Gemmell Legend Award, and my novel was always intended as a homage to the great man Mr Gemmell himself (if you’ve never read Dave Gemmell, you should start with LEGEND and THE LION OF MACEDON, my two personal favourites and VERY highly recommended).

Anyway, if you’re feeling well disposed towards KELL’S LEGEND, you could always *cough* vote for the book at:

There’s also an interview on the DGLA site, along with a couple of reviews of KELL.

The SOUL STEALERS short film promo for the book will be released real soon, starring none other than the very hairy fantasy author, IAN GRAHAM.

I won’t be attending EASTERCON this year, mainly because my little boy has just had his tonsils out and I want to spend some quality time with the family over Easter. Every year I curse Eastercon because I miss my kids opening their Easter eggs– why don’t they organise it for the week before/after?? Anyway, for those desperate to meet me (all 1 of you, haha) I’ll be at WORLD HORROR CON in Brighton. Although all the tickets have sold out for the con itself, I will be available in the bar where, in the guise of GRUNGE FILMS, will be filming and interviewing many notables in the horror industry.

Check out for info on my amateur filmmaking efforts.

Finally, I’ll be doing a few book signings in the US this May to coincide with the official release of KELL’S LEGEND over there, probably around MIAMI, TAMPA and ORLANDO, although dates/venues tbc.

Cheers droogs!

Andy Rem.

  1. hayley said:

    Hey, I’m up to chapter 4 now-had a lot of uni work to do. I’m enjoying every word of Kell and looking forward to spending more time reading it over Easter.

  2. andyremic said:

    Glad you’re enjoying it!! Hopefully it gets better the further you get in, until the magnificent climax, then you just shout “I want more!!”. Which is good, because Soul Stealers book2 of the Clockwork Vampires is out real soon…… or maybe not 🙂

  3. David said:

    Hi Andy

    Enjoyed reading the book Kell the legend. Looking forward to the soul searches.

    You can see the similarities between Kell and Druss. But for me there is only one man who can hold the title as the greatest warrior/axeman and also human being and that is Druss.

    I am a huge David Gemmell fan and i am sadden that their will be no more works from the great man, but hoping someone will fill the void. Kell was good, please don’t take offense when i say it was not quite the standard of Gemmell, but over time with improvement i think you will hold your own. Continue the good work.

  4. David said:


    I should have said looking forward to soul stealers.

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