Great Review of Kell’s Legend.

Here’s another brilliant review of KELL’S LEGEND (gosh, it seems an awful lot of people out there really like the book! This must be about the fifteenth great review I’ve had!! The only duff one was in SFX magazine 😦   ). Which is all good, because SOUL STEALERS (Book2) is out in May 2010, and I’m just writing the last chapter of VAMPIRE WARLORDS (Book3). If you liked the first book, then you guys have some great hardcore fantasy action coming, I can tell you :-).

 The review is over at Stanleyriiks Blog, and will also appear in the magazine Morpheus Tales

“This book isn’t read as much as it is experienced. It draws you in deeply in the first hundred pages and then, as more and more dangers are thrown at our band, you feel you are surviving with them. Remic isn’t afraid to kill off a great character or throw in another challenge to spice things up and ramp up the tension. You can’t help feeling like you have to hold on tight just to stay on for the ride. It’s that tension and excitement that make the book stand out. There is real danger here. In most fantasies you know that the main characters are always safe because they have to appear in the next book, but although this is Book I of the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles, it’s not the Tales of Kell chronicles and you really do believe that at any moment another character could be killed. There’s an evil and twisted streak to Remic, which not only gives us added danger (and a little torture), but also provides the grim humour that is sadly lacking for many modern fantasy novels.”


“Kell’s Legend is a rare book. It’s one of those reads that makes you sit up and slaver with excitement. It has the page-turning quality of a thriller, the depth of an epic, the kind of protagonist that comes round one in a lifetime, and a story that twists and turns like a snake. It’s imaginative, brilliant, exciting, amazing, and truly inspiring. Yeah, I really did f***ing love this book!”

Go check 🙂

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