World Horror Con – Neil Gaiman interviews James Herbert…

World Horror Con in Brighton last month was a blast, a really buzzing convention with a great atmosphere and where everybody seemed to get on great. I had it in mind to make a short film documentary about the convention, and indeed horror in general, and could thus be seen loitering with Sony FX1000 in hand, waiting to snap up interviews with certain people.

I, like most, had no idea Neil Gaiman was dropping by for a surprise visit to interview James Herbert, and I filmed most of this highly entertaining event. Whilst I’m putting together my doc, I thought I’d drop a few stills onto my site– Here’s Neil Gaiman and James Herbert, Stephen Volk, writer of TV’s Ghostwatch and Afterlife, and Jon Oliver, Editor-in-Chief of Solaris and Abaddon Books—as a teaser.

I’m not sure whether to release a series of shot docs with individuals yet, or to make a longer “episode”, but these will no doubt be released on YouTube shortly. Watch this space :-). And thank you to everybody who took part.

Neil Gaiman and James Herbert.

Stephen Volk.

Jonathan Oliver.

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