First Review of Soul Stealers…. 4/5

And it’s a good ‘un. 🙂

While the overall story arc is less ambitious than Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers is a very strong middle entry in a trilogy. Largely due to the fact that there is a total change in the perceived power structure right from the start there is nothing about this novel that feels even vaguely like filler. The backdrop of the story is totally changed consistently from the first page to the last. The reader rarely see’s any of the changes coming.”

The result is a fun, quick reading second novel in what promises to be a strong trilogy. I can’t wait for the third novel, Vampire Warlords. I give Soul Stealers a 4/5.

Glad you liked it!!!

You can read the full review at:

Pre-publication copies available for signing at this event...


I’m signing in London at Forbidden Planet, this Thursday (22nd April), if you want to pop in for a chat. 


  1. Craig said:

    Are you planning any signing`s in Birmingham,

    • andyremic said:

      Sob. Nobody wants me in Birmingham……. not sure mate. I’ll be doing some cons and stuff later in the year, alt fiction in Derby in June, Fantasycon in September (or whenever it is). We’ll see 🙂

  2. Craig said:

    Cheers, I`ll keep an eye out

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