Guest Blog by David J. Williams.

I forget where we were.  Drinking our faces off down in Newcastle, perhaps, or hunting mutant sharks in the irradiated remnants of the North Atlantic.  Or maybe it was the time we spent stuck in orbit around that dirtball of a planet.  At any rate, Andy looked at me blearily, and said, you know man, there are only so many military SF writers operating at our levels of elite megaviolence, and we gotta make sure we stick together.  I couldn’t disagree. . .and yet there was a weird gleam in his eye that was making me nervous.  Was he having a flashback to his days back in that bug-infested jungle?  Or had he mistaken me for an infiltration droid?  Go on, I said, feigning nonchalance while reaching slowly for my heavy-duty needler-pistol…

That’s when he explained that he wanted me to do a guest-post on his blog.

Well, shit, I replied. . . why not?  I mean, Andy’s Combat-K novels were the only way I was able to stay sane while writing my Autumn Rain trilogy.  And now that the third novel of that trilogy—THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT –is about to hit bookstores courtesy of Bantam Spectra, I’m salivating to make inroads on Andy’s legions of battle-crazed fans.  And what better way to do so than by telling them that while Andy’s busy slashing his way through the coolest and most intense dark fantasy this side of a bad acid-trip, those of you who couldn’t get enough of the Combat-K universe are hereby invited to step into the world of Autumn Rain, where you’ll find maglev train chases beneath the Atlantic, space elevators being nuked, powered-armor duels at the lunar south pole, and O’Neill cylinders getting the atmosphere pumped out of them by terrorists so savage they make Al-Qaeda look like the Teletubbies.  Not to mention a beautiful cyborg-supercomputer named Claire Haskell whose hacked memories may hold the key to saving the world from a whole new level of hurt …

There’s a trailer for THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT here, but you may as well kick things off with first book THE MIRRORED HEAVENS, and find all about how that space elevator gets torched.  Plus I’ve got a shit-ton of cool art, maps and hardware specs on my website at

So check it out.  Now if you’ll excuse me, Andy and I need to reload and do something about that thing that’s climbing toward us up the goddamn wall…

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