Kell: Reviews and Discussion

Got a great review of Kell’s Legend over at Dave Brendon’s review site:

In the interests of balance, there’s a really bad (but incredibly funny and well written) review of Kell’s Legend; man, did Jared hate this book, haha!!  It can be read at:

There’s also been an interesting discussion about the book (and other issues) at the very good Everything is Nice site —– although calling me a misogynist is going a bit far 😦

Have fun!!

  1. Jared said:

    Ditto. Also thanks for the link – very sporting of you!

    Looking forward to Cloneworld!

    Yours in Megaviolence,


  2. andyremic said:

    It really was a funny review!! (shame it was about my book though, sob, etc)!! haha.

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