PC Zone Magazine to Close…. the End of an Era!!

“Britain’s first ever magazine dedicated to PC gaming is to cease publication after 17 years. PC Zone magazine, the sometimes anarchic and irreverent monthly journal, is set to close after 225 issues on 2 September 2010. Future Publishing, which owns the title, said the closure comes in the wake of a strategic review of its PC games portfolio. At its last audit, PC Zone was only selling about 11,000 copies a month.”

Aaaahh, the end of an era indeed. Ten years ago (maybe more, gulp), I used to read this tome religiously alongside PC Format — and I remember all too well Mr Charlie Brooker’s humorous and dodgy writing with relish (he later went on to write Dead Set for Channel 4).  

This is maybe one result of people now getting their news and reviews on the net — why pay £6 for a crappy DVD full of stuff you don’t want, when you can just… CLICK. Maybe an iPAD version would have been the future??

Anyway, full story at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-10641398

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