Andy Remic to Sing X Factor Wagner’s “Bat Out of Hell”…

That’s right! Breaking news!! Andy Remic, SFF author and all round zombie freak, has announced he will be recording a song/promo video of X Factor’s Wagner’s version of Bat Out of Hell. After Wagner’s truly EPIC performance on national TV, Remic decided it would be the utmost break his music career needed. Interviewed in his trailer from his upcoming movie-making antics on GEHENNA, Remic (23), said, “Yeah, man, Wagner is like, an institution, like, right? I know he’s a hard act to live up to, because his vocals are so, like, scintillating, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m in the studio next week, and the single and accompanying promo will be produced by Simon Cowll and Lewis Walsh. I’ll have backing vocals from Ronin Keating and Gary McMahon, who will also wear a ‘horror leotard’ and choreograph the dance moves”. More news as it breaks, X Factor, Remic and Wagner fans!!

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