Bookmark – Signing, Lincolnshire.

Hi there, had a really cool time on Saturday signing at Bookmark with Sam and Frazer. Met lots of really nice people, ate incredible cheesecake,and genuinely visited an amazing “old breed” of bookshop. Bookmark in Spalding is very much recommended, a really pleasant environment in which to shop – and indeed – to do a book signing.

Above, a very pleasant young lady, Terri, and her daughter, who kindly popped in to visit. And below, there’s a pic of me with editor of MURKY DEPTHS,  Terry Martin. I’ll be writing a short story for this brill publication real soon 🙂

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  1. Lee said:

    Did they only allow people in called Terry? 😐

    • Franco's lovechild said:

      Tell me about it… I drove all the waydown there from Scotland, queued up for 3 hours only to be told to bugger off because i was not called Terri 😦 much dissapointment had.

      I have downloaded the forms from the tinterweb to get me name changed so should be no problems next time 🙂

  2. Andy Rem said:

    Ha yeah!! Terry Gilliam’s just out of shot… 😉

  3. Not at all! As you can clearly see, they let in at least one person called Terri.

  4. lucifal said:

    The shop sure made us feel welcome though – and I don’t just mean the Terries.

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