Free Content!!

As you can see by the little cartoon homunculus on the right, I’ve started to add a host of free content to the website. This will take the form of free games, stories, books, podcasts and music.

Hopefully, I’ll also have a very special Christmas present for you around 20th December, so keep tuned!!

First up is the “Biohell Spectrum Pack”. This includes the ZAX Spectrum game of BIOHELL, the wonderful ZX Spin emulator, photos, an MP3 audio advert and a sample chapter from the actual Solaris novel. Cool eh? Let me know what you think.

  1. Maggie said:

    When will your other books, other than Kell’s Legend ans Soul Stealers be available through e books? I love your writings and would love to download your other material onto my NOOK

  2. Andy Rem said:

    Anything upcoming by Angry Robot, i.e. Vampire Warlords, will be an e-book. I’m not sure about my Solaris stuff – I will clarify with my publisher. And as for the old Orbit “Spiral” novels, watch this space…. 🙂

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