A New Soul Stealers Review.

Hi there, I’m really chuffed with this new review of Soul Stealers just out, over at:


“Filled with edge of your seat suspense that’ll have you reading non-stop, violent action that’ll leave you breathless and begging for relief, and characters that’ll have you cheering for victory and crying for revenge, Soul Stealers is a worthy sequel to Kell’s Legend. Remic continues to prove himself a worthy successor to David Gemmell’s heroic fantasy lineage.  Soul Stealers: Book II of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles is available now wherever fine books are sold. Be sure to watch for Vampire Warlords: Book III of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles in June of 2011.”

Thanks very much to Jess Horsley for taking the time to review Soul Stealers… 🙂  Merry Christmas indeedy!!

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  1. Jess said:

    Glad you liked the review; I can only hope it leads to more people picking up the series, which is hard not to love when it’s so chalk full of action, adventure, intrigue, and a demonic axe…what’s NOT to love about a demonic axe?!?

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