Many thanks to Lukas for sending this in – it made my day 🙂

 Dear Mr Remic,

Loving your books mate. Has been hard for me to find a good fantasy read since David Gemmell passed.. alot of “pixies**t” out there as the great man himself would have put it 🙂

So, I am thoroughly enjoying your Clockwork Vampire series – though a little concerned that I will finish Soul Stealers long before the third book is released.. haha

Was thinking how much I’d love a prequel featuring Kell and his bravos hunting the vachine in the Black Pikes. I can conjure up some badass scenarios lol.

In the meantime, keep up the very excellent work – and you can be sure your novels will hold their place on my considerable bookshelf. Filed under Blood-oil magick of course.

Lukas Wolfe


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