New Kell’s Legend Review At Cinerati…

Kell's Legend by Andy Remic.

“Did I mention the clockwork vampires?

Like Gemmell, Remic is working in territory familiar to the fantasy fan, but he combines familiar elements into an engaging tapestry of action. Remic’s writing jumps off the page and leaves reader’s asking for more as the book’s final page ends on a desperate cliffhanger … As can be seen from the brief synopsis of the book’s opening, Remic draws from many of my favorite fantasy authors for inspiration. Kell’s Legend contains echoes of Moorcock, Lieber, Howard, and Gemmell while maintaining a rich originality.”

Full review at:

Many thanks to Mr Christian Lindke…. and now seems a  good time to re-link to my little Kell’s Legend film 🙂

And the second book, Soul Stealers, is now available, with Vampire Warlords following in May/June 2011.

Soul Stealers, by Andy Remic.

  1. Lourdes said:

    were these books a series in order
    angry robot, kell’s legend, soul stealers, vampire warlords.
    The first book I found and read, and wanted more of the same was Kell’s Legend, then we bought Soul stealers but I havent read it because I wanted to know which came first.
    you can give me a reply if you wish, at

    thank you


  2. Andy Rem said:

    Kell’s Legend came first, then it’s Soul Stealers, and the thrid book is Vampire Warlords.

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