Serial Killers INC – a thriller by Andy Remic – now on sale!!

SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED BOOK+ALBUM RELEASE SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED, the new thriller by Andy Remic, is NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY at priced at £3.49 for the novel, and £3.49 for the accompanying tie-in album by th3 m1ss1ng. For a *very short period* the novel is on special offer at for the low low price of £1.14, and for $1.83.

Shortly, there will also be a POD paperback release ISBN: 978-1-908328-04-5 available from Amazon. That should please Aaron!!

The Novel: Meet Callaghan, a hard-drinking, drug-fuelled, womanising no-good son-of-a-bitch. He’s the amoral hardcore photographer for Black & White, the tabloid rag that tells it as it is. Or at least, how it should be. Callaghan’s in way too deep with Mia, his Mexican stripper girlfriend… and even deeper with Sophie, estranged wife to Vladimir “Vodka” Katchevsy, infamous Romanian gun-runner and self-eulogising expert at human problem solving. People start to die. And Callaghan’s caught in the middle. A situation even his Porsche GT3, Canary Wharf Penthouse suite and corrupt politician contacts can’t solve. At the nadir of his downward spiral, Callaghan is approached by a man: a serial killer who brings him a very unique and dangerous proposition…

The Album: Serial Killers Incorporated, the album, was written and recorded by th3 m1ss1ng, an indie junkie rockband who can be found at Three tracks feature the superb guitar-thrash of Jon Bodan, from one of Atlanta’s premiere hardcore rock bands, Halcyon Way.

Both novel and album were developed in conjunction, and share concept and lyrics/text to offer a unique media experience born of collaboration.

We hope you enjoy our dark little corner of the world…

Who kills the killers?

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  1. Not only did I get the option to print on demand, I got a shout out. Right on, Andy. Thank you sir.

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