Pornokitsch Review

Gods, you turn your back to move house, and some geezer writes another review!!

Here’s the fabulous PORNOKITSCH review:

Serial Killers Incorporated is a deliberately nasty piece of work. There’s a gleeful sort of schadenfreude in watching the bad meet the evil, and Mr. Remic knows how to milk every last bit of it. Mr. Remic has such a fanatical commitment to dotting the horrible i’s and spiking the gory t’s that it is leading him to push at the boundaries of publishing itself. The result is a book that’s an admirable experiment and an oddly, guiltily, enjoyable one.”

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  1. Franoc's lovechild said:

    Entered the dark realm of reading e-books kicking and screaming nooooooooo!

    But gave it a go and DL’d S.K.I. as my first read (apolgies to many abreviations but tired and just finished work and off to dream of doom…) and thought it was great. I’ve not finished mind so should not tempt fate in case of really bad ending lol

    Really good stuff and enjoyably different from yer other stuff. Nice one! Its not the norm to have something reliable these days but your reads are top bannana! 🙂


  2. Franco's lovechild said:

    And now only 70p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if only i had waited 2 days lol

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