After the recent Dr Who episode containing “Gangers” that are bred in vats — er, just *like* in my novel Cloneworld, and indeed, as mentioned in my much earlier novel, Hardcore (published early 2010 by Solaris Books) – I’ve decided to write an article on plagiarism. Not that I’m accusing Dr Who, Matthew Graham, or the BBC of plagiarism. Oh no!! How could I do that? How could I possibly compete with that legal mashing machine? No. But I thought it would be interesting to compare notes with other writers/critics…. after all, Jeffrey Thomas has been writing about a blue world with blue people for about oooh ten years. If you’re a writer/columnist/critic, please send your thoughts to:



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  1. Franoc's lovechild said:

    Just remember… if you are stuck and cannot think how to get your character out of the fine mess you have just written them into well then just add a time travelling erm Dentist who conveniently never dies (but if he did just add some daft blinding light and he’s fine again), can go anywhere, states the blindingly obvious and has a Swiss army dentist drill that kills anything breathing (or not).

    P.s. don’t forget the oap space bus pass that can get him into any strip joint on any inhabited planet.

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