Remic’s Books – A Retrospective

Wow, Jess Horsley has written a retrospective on my books over at

I’m amazingly flattered!!

“British author Andy Remic is quite clearly a crazed madman intent on forcing
those of us smart enough (or sick enough) to read his books to fall madly in
love with his writing, thus making us want his work all the more and, in turn,
making us all the more smart…or sick. Simply pick up ANY of Remic’s novels – including the hardcore
action Spiral trilogy, the brilliant fantasy trilogy called The Clockwork Vampire
, the on-going military sci-fi series Combat K, or the brutal Serial Killers, Inc. – and you’ll immediately notice how
this twisted writer delivers not only some of the best action scenes around, but
also impressive character development, intense suspense, side-splitting humor,
and unparallelled violence. And he does this in every book he writes.”


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