SIM – now available to buy for £2.49

Now available to buy for the low low price of £2.49.




SIM the soundtrack album


th3 m1ss1ng

SIM – the album can be purchased from for £2.49.

10 original tracks, total running time 36 mins 22 secs.

The accompanying SIM SOUNTRACK is composed and recorded by th3
, a kind of BLADERUNNER / VANGELIS / NINE INCH NAILS music hybrid.




“This novel will have a particular resonance if you meet the two following criteria (1) you enjoy your science fiction fast paced (2) You are a fan of cats… It would be wrong
however to dismiss this as just a pulpy, violent science fiction tale. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of that going on, but there is also the relationship between Justice D and Emmy. This adds extra layers of depth to the plot and provides nice insight into D discovering his humanity… the faceless GOV regime is a nice referential nod to the totalitarian societies featured in films like Logan’s Run and books like 1984.”

– The Eloquent Page


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