5 Star Theme Planet Review…

A wonderful 5 star review of Theme Planet by Andy Remic…

“The plot itself has enough twists and turns to keep you firmly entranced and the pace is pretty much relentless throughout the whole novel, there are a few genuine surprises too and the author throws a few curve balls that I really didn’t see coming at all… there is a real maturity to the prose which does create an effective counterpoint to the over-the-top Theme Park backdrop. I seriously loved this book, as with all of the author’s novels there is a relentless vibrance, an unforgiving energy that you can’t help but be swept along with and this is combined with a great plot, larger than life characters and some powerful messages, highly recommended.” 5 STARS

– SFBook.com

Read the full review at:  www.sfbook.com/theme-planet.htm


1 comment
  1. SandySays1 said:

    Read your review. Very good! Not my genre but your review makes it tempting.

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