Toxicity – Solaris Press Release

Toxicity by Andy Remic – Utopia crumbles on May 29th (US & Canada) and 7th June (UK) £8.99 (UK) ISBN 978-1-78108-003-0 $8.99/$10.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 978-1-78108-004-7


The hardest man in SF is back – and about to destroy perfection! Andy Remic returns to the world of the Anarchy with another brash, no-holds-barred action! Welcome to Manna – the utopian galaxy where all races exist in harmony. Ruled by perfect alien machines, Manna is a place of wisdom, technology and art. But on the edge of the galaxy, far away from romantic holiday cruises, hides Toxicity, a reprocessing planet where The Greenstar Company deals with all Manna’s waste. ALL of it. But ECO terrorist Jenni Xi is fighting a cleanup war against The Company. Yet when a sabotage goes horribly wrong, she learns the future of the planet – and it’s far worse than she ever dreamed. Along with swashbuckler and bon viveur Svoolzard Koolimax and a torture model Anarchy Android known simply as The Dentist, Xi must survive on this polluted world long enough to ensure that the fate of Manna changes forever…

Remic’s irresistible blend of high-octane military SF and good old fashioned adventure is an absolute delight. Edgy, over-the-top, and provocative – Remic is the master of action!

“If you’re looking for something that mixes the sensibilities of Blackadder and an Iron Maiden album cover, with a pinch of vintage 2000 AD thrown in, then look no further.”

– Financial Times on Cloneworld

About the Series Described by the Guardian as “hard-hitting, galaxy-spanning, no-holds-barred, old-fashioned action adventure,” the Combat K and Anarchy novels are set in a universe of their own – one of planet shattering action, hard-bitten characters and epic intergalactic battles. This is a universe where anything goes, and usually does. Toxicity is the sixth book in the Combat K/ Anarchy series. About the Author Andy Remic is the author of many Fantasy and SF novels, currently – Spiral, Quake, Warhead, War Machine, Biohell, Hardcore, Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers, Cloneworld and Vampire Warlords.

When kicked to describe himself, Remic claims to have a love of extreme sports, kickass bikes and happy nurses. Once a member of an elite Combat K squad, he has retired from military service and claims to be a cross between an alcoholic Indiana Jones and a bubbly Lara Croft, only without the breasts. Remic lives in Lincolnshire and likes to think lewdly about zombies.

For all press enquires please contact Michael Molcher Phone 01865 792 201 • Email

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