OK, so this is the deal. I’ve had a lot of emails recently either demanding a return of Carter/Kade from the original Spiral books, or screeching for the return of Keenan, Franco and Pippa for another Combat K mission.

Well here’s the thing. After finishing THE IRON WOLVES for Angry Robot and my comedy side-project THE BOBBIT, I’ve a bit of free time over the summer — and YOU THE READERS get to choose what I write next!! Because, y’know, Rem LOVES YOU ALL. xxx.

So, here’s the competition bit. Either email me, Andy Remic – jappoc [at] – or give me a tweet @andyremic with the subject line I WANT SPIRAL NEXT or I WANT COMBAT K NEXT, and a single sentence explaining WHY.

THE PRIZE: Well, not only do you choose in which universe I next write, but you’ll also get 1) a free copy of the finished book, both digital and paperback; 2) a marked-up original one-off paper manuscript of the work, with all corrections and everything; 3) the chance to hang out with Rem for the day; probably in a pub.

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting, facebooking or emailing!!

Rem competition_500

  1. Gage S. Young said:

    hey andy huge fan! have all of your clockwork vampire books and all your combat k’s. you should definantly go with making more combat k just because the books are amazing and juicy! and definantly get more ideas on kell!!! your the the best!

  2. adam lee said:

    do we have a winner yet?

    i’m sure carter has more nex ass to kick

    • The Editor said:

      Yes, the winner by a long stretch was…….. COMBAT K.
      But in the name of fairness, I’ll write a SPIRAL book as well. Sod it. Why not?? 🙂

      • adam lee said:

        awsome!…you can’t get better than an auther that does requests!

        thank you very much mr remic. i read the spiral books when they were new and i just love the feel of the series, esp warhead…..just insane enough to retain a little gritty realism
        great books IMHO

        you wont believe this. but as it happens i’m halfway through a re-read of quake as i type

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