Latest: THE IRON WOLVES update.

THE IRON WOLVES by Andy Remic, to be published by Angry Robot Books January 2014.

1st draft, 128,000 words completed 11.18PM on 11th April 2013 whilst listening to the quite fabulous “The Hobbit” soundtrack album. Kudos to Peter Jackson.

And there was much rejoicing. And whiskey. Etc. !!

That was a DAMN hard book to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I’m not sure whether I’m leaving this in the right place, but thanks Andy. My blog address is on which you will find the ramblings and ravings of an eclectic writer who can’t seem to keep his fingers off the keys. There will be interesting stuff and boring stuff, depending on your taste, but hopefully some of it will make you smile and some of it will make you want to read a few of my novels and short stories.

  2. cole said:

    i was just wondering weather or not kell will be in this new book, i’ve been dying to read something with kell in it for more than a year now, its killin me.

    Thanks, Cole

    • The Editor said:

      Hi Cole.
      Kell and Saark will make an appearance in the second Iron Wolves book, now provisionally entitled The White Towers. Hope this pleases you 🙂

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