REMIC in Catwalk Photoshoot Shocker!!

Much to my eternal shame, embarrassment and jolly amusement, I’ve just endured a “photoshoot” – in a suit. With an axe. Yeah yeah, I know, a total act of narcissistic preening – which I thoroughly enjoyed. (Now I just need Hello to photoshop both my face and plump belly, heh!)…. Anyway. Here’s a sample. I think I’ve got a good cross between happy, cogitating axe-murderer and comedy gangsta head-chopper. The point… yes, there is a point! – the point is, if you’re interviewing or blogging or reviewing the next book, y’know, THE IRON WOLVES, out in January 2014 published by Angry Robot Books, then drop me an email and I’ll send you a “photo pack”. Oh you lucky, lucky, lucky people. Or maybe **not**.   🙂

Rem_new promo photos 1000

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