Iron Wolves Review Copies + The Wolf Pack! (ha)

Hi Peeps.

There’s still a few physical review copies (ARCs) of my new novel, The Iron Wolves, kicking about in the Angry Robot Dungeon. If you’d like one, please get in touch with moi – jappoc [at] (or) – – caroline [dot] lambe [at] angryrobotbooks [dot] com. There’s also a squillion digital ARCs still available from Caroline. Get in touch letting us know the name of your site/publication etc.

If you do post a review of the novel The Iron Wolves (be it good or bad) on your review blog or review website, you also qualify for the amusingly named WOLF PACK (grwww, etc) – a goodie bag containing an Iron Wolves t-shirt, bookmark, signed author photograph and lolly pop, and you’ll be entered into a competition to spend the day with Mr Remic himself. Probably in a Local Hostelry.

Go on, knock yourself out and review the book. The t-shirts are particularly nice and utterly exclusive. 🙂

Kind regards,


Out 2nd January 2014.

Out 2nd January 2014.


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    My friend and fine editor & writer, Andy Remic seeks reviewers. Here you go.

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