Amazon and DPD – Shockingly Rubbish (Bah Humbug etc).

Hey, so I decide on a Kindle Fire HD (16gb) for my Christmas present from the boys. Hurrah!! Dutifully put in my order 10 days ago “to beat the Christmas rush”. Ha.

First delivery, by those happy slappy sloppy dudes at DPD couriers doesn’t turn up. Not attempted, you understand, but does not turn up. I love that. Sitting there in your dressing gown like a (younger, better looking) Hugh Heffner, waiting for your Kindle Fire HD (16gb). The really annoying bit is DPD tell Amazon they “attempted delivery”. Er. No guys. You didn’t. I live quite rural, and the delivery guy gave up. Simples. Not a problem for other delivery drivers, but obviously DPD don’t eat 3 shredded wheat in the morning.

2nd delivery – again, sitting like an idiot waiting for the van, the van, the van that never arrives. Reason for non-attempted delivery? “We did not have a name or telephone number.” Er. okay. But you had the address, right? The address you’re delivering to? Yeah? Surely – you can thus deliver to it? And you actually emailed me to say you were delivering the Kindle – and then didn’t.

Third attempt. Wife sits in, then I sit in. A coupla idiots. But not as idiotic as the “delivery” driver… I receive an email to say he’ll be an hour late. And then he doesn’t turn up at all. SIGH. I was *really* surprised. I phone Amazon (bounced to the US, then to Ireland) and the really galling thing is DPD say they “attempted delivery” – so it’s my fault! Silly me, of course it is you mongrels! NO, DPD! YOU DID NOT TRY! YOU CHEATED ME OF MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM MY CHILDREN!! And the moral of the story? Don’t buy stuff from Amazon? Don’t rely on DPD? Your choice, peoples. (Oooh what’s this – Apple. Apple iPad mini? Do you think they’ll deliver on time with a good courier???? I reckon they might…).

Moral of the story? – Don’t rely on AMAZON or DPD Couriers for your Christmas presents. Even if you order 20 damn days before!!! 🙂

ADDITIONAL – 14th December 2013.

My wife walked into Argos in Lincoln and bought a Kindle Fire HD 16GB. No fuss. No drama. No being messed about by useless delivery drivers and 20 minute queues telephoning Amazon.  Sigh.


  1. pennywig said:

    Awe. Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ all day. In store service and also supporting book store which are becoming scarce.

    • Bill Dillenbeck said:

      Weird. I’ve ordered hundreds of things from Amazon and always got them (mostly) on time…unless, of course, they were from China or some crap.

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