You Crazee Fool! (B. A. Baracus Voice) and AR Media Roundup!!

Yes, those “Crazee Fools” have not only reviewed my book The Iron Wolves, but accepted “The Wolf Pack” into their homes, and worn the t-shirt and sent me a picture!! Crazeeeeee (just drug him and get him in the plane)!!

Here’s the first, Phil and Pluto from Grimdark Reader –

Phil Witvliet & Pluto - Grimdark Reader

And then there’s Crazeee Bob at Beauty in Ruins –

Bob at Beauty in Ruins

Sooooo……. if you’re a blogger/reviewer, and fancy a free t-shirt (and other goodies) for a review (good OR bad!) then there’s a couple left, so get reading 🙂

Angry Robot review Roundup at –





  1. Maggie Morris said:

    Andy where could I get one of those shirts? I promote your books over here big time among my friends…they have never heard of you…but once I get them to read one book…they are hooked! How are you doing by the way? This is Maggie from America…thanks so much for the free digital book…you were so generous… Sincerely, Maggie Carr

    Sent from my iPad


    • The Editor said:

      Hi Maggie. Sorry, all the t-shirts have now gone out to reviewers of TIW. However, if you email me your address I’ve got glossy Iron Wolees bookmarks and signed photos of the author, no worries. 🙂

  2. chris hubbuck said:

    when and where in the uk can i get the new downward spiral book from?

    • The Editor said:

      I’d say it’ll be another year, because I have so many writing contracts now it’ll take me a while!! Apologies if you’re desperate….. 🙂

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