War Machine – only $0.99, this weekend only!

Hi there, my first Combat K novel WAR MACHINE published by Solaris Books is part of a Barnes & Noble promotion this weekend (Fri midnight to Sunday midnight EST), alongside other authors such as Eric Brown and Paul Kearney. So, for $0.99 ebooks, head over to…………. and enjoy!! 🙂


War Machine cover

  1. dreamland2000 said:

    Only available in the US and not the UK on this offer, can this be confirmed?


    • The Editor said:

      I’m sorry I’ve no idea. This is the book shop Barnes & Noble and Solaris. I, on the other hand, am a mere writer. 🙂

      • dreamland2000 said:

        It looks like it is only at this discounted price in the US only. Shame though. But luckily I’ve read it and enjoyed it but was going to get it in ebook format.

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