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Yes peeps!! The White Towers, follow up to the award winning (!!!?:-)) Remic novel, The Iron Wolves, is available to buy and steal from June 2014. The ARC, however, is now available for reviewer/ blogger types at Net Galley. So – go on. Let me know what you think!!

The White Towers


Out 2nd January 2014.

Out 2nd January 2014.

Had some [more!!] great reviews, and here’s a sample of what people are saying about The Iron Wolves:

“Holy crap, but The Iron Wolves was a hell of a lot of fun! It’s as if Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber reached out from beyond the grave to collaborate on the kind pulp fantasy they perfected, decided to take Stallone’s The Expendables as their inspiration, recruited Sam Raimi to direct the medieval mayhem, and then demanded that nothing short of the explicit, unrated director’s cut make it into print.” – Bob Milne at Beauty in Ruins.

“As I’ve come to expect from Mr Remic, the author doesn’t shy away from describing the awfulness of the splicing process. In fact, be warned those with a nervous disposition, things veer off into the realms of body horror on a number of occasions. It’s one of my favourite things about this particular author’s writing. Nobody does brutal violent chaos better than Andy Remic.” – Paul Holmes, The Eloquent Page.

“As ever, I advise caution when it comes to Mr Remic’s work. His writing is gory as hell and has a raw unstrained quality that isn’t going to be for everyone. Personally, I love it. Often brutal, but in the same moment introspective; hugely violent but also thoughtful. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover if you were to venture beyond the realms of Grimdark and out the other side you’d find Andy Remic sat there waiting for you. He’d probably ask you what took you so bloody long.” Paul Holmes, The Eloquent Page.

“If you thought Theon Greyjoy’s castration scene in Game of Thrones was a little restrained, then The Iron Wolves could be the epic fantasy potboiler for you.”


“Combining George RR Martin-inspired visceral violence with a touch of Slaine-style bombastic barbarism and a plot straight out of The Lord of the Rings…”


“The story moves at a brisk pace as the individual Iron Wolves are recruited, and the tragic transformation of the necromantic Orlana’s half-human/half-horse ‘Splice’ troops will send a shiver down your spine.” – SFX on The Iron Wolves.

Please note #1: If you have reviewed The Iron Wolves by Andy Remic, and posted on your professional website/BlogSpot, you are eligible for “The Wolf Pack”, t-shirt, bookmarks and a signed author photograph. Please email your details and address to Andy – jappoc [at] with the subject heading “I WANT MY WOLF PACK!”.

Please note #2: In the interest of balance, if you want to read some BAD reviews of The Iron Wolves, head over to Goodreads where a few people have given The Iron Wolves a bit of a kicking. Heh. 🙂




Out 2nd January 2014.

Out 2nd January 2014.

11 Reviews and Other Stuff – The Iron Wolves Review Roundup

Er. Wow!! The internet is a busy place at the moment!! I put my head down to do the edits on The White Towers, (follow up to my new fantasy novel The Iron Wolves), and suddenly there’s a tonne of reviews! (which is fabulous, obviously [grins]). I am truly honoured, I yam!. Merry Christmas to all you reviewers out there!!

Okay, first up we have the very amusingly written review over at Fantasy Review Barn – it’s worth reading just for entertainment’s sake, but also says some very nice things about The Iron Wolves

“4 Stars… much improved over the author’s Clockwork Vampire series.  Fast paced, good action and an interesting cast of anti-heroes” – Fantasy Review Barn

We have ze fabulous Publishers Weekly, who said –

“A cliffhanger ending promises more gritty action in future installments” – Publishers Weekly

There’s a cracking review over at The Bibliosanctum, written by a dude called Mogsy (reminds me of the old ZX Spectrum game/Mugsy heh) –

“Full of unlimited energy and madness, this book is perfect for readers looking for a stronger, headier kick to their epic fantasy; fans of bloody battles and gritty anti-heroes are in for a real treat” – Bibliosanctum


“Andy Remic is in his element when it comes to writing big battles and fight scenes, and he graces this book with a lot of them” – Bibliosanctum


“After all, this is The Iron Wolves, folks. A great choice for readers looking for a stronger, headier kick to their heroic fantasy, just remember to steel yourselves for the unlimited energy and madness this book will unleash upon your lives!” – Bibliosanctum

Over at Phobos, we have a dude (dude-ess?) who doesn’t like TIW very much (fair enough 🙂  ) but still says –

“There are those that will settle into The Iron Wolves as a decent (re)telling of a grimdark tale, with all the cruelty and vile intent that hardcore fans of the genre enjoy.” – Phobos

That’s good enough for me 🙂

Then we have (what I believe was the first) review of TIW… (well done that man, etc).

“I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun with a book… ‘The Iron Wolves’ is just wall to wall (or should I say cover to cover) action covered in liberal doses of blood, brains and other assorted viscera. I love that, there is always something happening and Remic ramps the stakes up to unbelievable heights… I came away feeling like I’d fought in some of those battles myself… You’d be forgiven for wondering whether there is any room for good in Remic’s world but, in the best traditions of David Gemmell himself, Remic shows us that there is room for redemption in even the bitterest heart…” – Graeme’s SFF

We also have —

“While this book certainly won’t be for everyone, especially not the faint of heart, many will find it’s fast pace and gritty characters to be just to their liking.” – Heather McCorkle, Author of Born on Fire.

and —

“Remic has a very precise way with descriptions of battles and fights and with weapons of every type (including head butts). The scenes leap and snort off the page, making the heart race with anticipation about their outcomes.” – Sharon Reamer, Author of the Schattenreich Books.

“The Iron Wolves seethes with action; indeed, it stomps across every page.” – Sharon Reamer, Author of the Schattenreich Books.

Over at Tony’s Thoughts, it was written –

“It amazes me how an author that writes such brutal and straightforward stories can twist the neck of a plot so artfully.” – Tony’s Thoughts


“There is a lot of conflict in this book. Most of it is down and nasty close combat but there are some deep emotional conflicts that ensure there is never a dull moment in this story. Andy Remic brings grit and realism to the fantasy genre in a fascinating and addictive way. This book is well worth a read and I’m already looking forward to the next part.” – Tony’s Thoughts

At the Suvudu Universe, we have –

“Before we dive into the starred reads, however, I wanted to talk a moment about pure pleasure and sheer enjoyment. There are 3 books that stand out in my mind as providing more literary fun and delight than any others. These are the books with passages that I kept insisting on reading aloud to my wife. They are the books I keep asking if friends have read. These are the books I would gleefully slip under any tree, confident that the recipient will come back with a fist-pump, a hand-slap, and a smile on their face. They are (in chronological order) . . .

  1. The Marching Dead by Lee Battersby
  2. Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl by David Barnett
  3. The Iron Wolves by Andy Remic.”

We have the highly amusing and fabulous –

“If Quentin Tarantino read a lot of Heavy Metal comics and played Dungeons and Dragons and decided “hey, I’m gonna write a book!”, this is what he would write… The Iron Wolves is a vicious, over the top violent, and thoroughly vulgar ripping bloodfest of a fantasy… This book grabs you by various body parts and then punches you in the face when you try with all your weak little might to get loose.” – The Ghostworks.

Then there’s Adventures in Publishing’s comments –

“I would much rather be reading this. I’m 35% in and am very impressed with Remic’s ability to create characters I care about while keeping the action exciting and horrific. There is a lot of potential in the world he’s building, both because of his fascinating cast of characters and the sides that are being established in the soon-to-explode war.” – Timothy C. Ward.

Also, we have some current Guest Blogs where one has (ahem) pimped oneself ——-

I have a Guest Post over at where I talk about the inspiration for The Iron Wolves.

I have a Guest Post at http://singular– where I talk about my influences on writing in general.

and FINALLY I’ve been cited on a list of “Most Anticipated Books of 2014” by Abhinav Jain – “Why is the book on my list? I haven’t read any of Andy Remic’s previous novels, but I’ve been interested in his work for quite a while. I have a physical ARC of this book waiting to be read, and I’m quite excited for it. The premise is very promising, and Remic is a fairly popular author among several of my blogger friends.” – check out

Wow. That took longer than I anticipated. I am blown away!!


The Rem x.

Out 2nd January 2014.

Out 2nd January 2014.

And another review – great stuff!!  — “I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun with a book… ‘The Iron Wolves’ is just wall to wall (or should I say cover to cover) action covered in liberal doses of blood, brains and other assorted viscera. I love that, there is always something happening and Remic ramps the stakes up to unbelievable heights… I came away feeling like I’d fought in some of those battles myself… You’d be forgiven for wondering whether there is any room for good in Remic’s world but, in the best traditions of David Gemmell himself, Remic shows us that there is room for redemption in even the bitterest heart…” Graeme’s SFF on The Iron Wolves

Full review at:


GREAT REVIEW OF ROCKET CAT!!… my first kid’s novel…

“Clever, funny, and entertaining Rocket Cat had Liam smiling as I tried to imitate some kitty language for him while reading out loud. A great wholesome read, Rocket Cat gets 10 out of 10 Liams for being such a fantastic kids book…” – The Troubled Scribe

“Whether you have kids or not, ‘Rocket Cat, The Tale of a Cat with a Rocket Pack’ is an exciting and adventurous children’s tale by Andy Remic, that follows the exploits of Tiger Puk as he desperately searches for his captured love, Libby Twinkleye.” – The Troubled Scribe

Just received a fabulous review of my latest novel, Toxicity, by Stanley Riiks over at Morpheus Tales.

“There are definitely two sides to this book: the serious, and quite disturbing ecoterrorists and their plotting and battles against the Company; and Svoolzard’s more light-hearted adventure through dangerous territory providing the comedic interludes. Despite the light entertain of Svoolzard’s misdeeds and misadventures, a lot of this book is hardcore, filled with torture and brutality that is not for the faint-hearted.”


“When our protagonist is tortured it hurts, and that’s the beauty of Remic’s books. He’s well-known for his fast-paced narratives, his no-holds-barred action and adventure, but because he develops his characters at breakneck speed as well, it actually matters what happens to them. How the author manages to create a wet-wipe like Svool, a cowardly, selfish poet, and then slowly turn you from dislike to having a soft-spot for the man is quite incredible.”


“Overall this is an Andy Remic novel, and Remic always delivers.”


“Toxicity is funny, brutal, scarily nasty, exciting and great fun.”


“If you like your fiction fast and furious, and you should, then you cannot go wrong with an Andy Remic novel. Toxicity is massively entertaining. No one quite writes like Andy Remic; he is the total package, and he seems, literally, unstoppable.”

Er. I think he liked it!! Cheers Stanley!

You can read the full review over at the superb Morpheus Tales.

A wonderful 5 star review of Theme Planet by Andy Remic…

“The plot itself has enough twists and turns to keep you firmly entranced and the pace is pretty much relentless throughout the whole novel, there are a few genuine surprises too and the author throws a few curve balls that I really didn’t see coming at all… there is a real maturity to the prose which does create an effective counterpoint to the over-the-top Theme Park backdrop. I seriously loved this book, as with all of the author’s novels there is a relentless vibrance, an unforgiving energy that you can’t help but be swept along with and this is combined with a great plot, larger than life characters and some powerful messages, highly recommended.” 5 STARS


Read the full review at:


Fabulous review of SIM over  at Theresa Derwin’s Terror Tree…….

“This novel is new  territory for Remic. He experiments with language, the emotionless drugged tone  at the beginning of the novel changing with D’s emotional development. Remic dances and plays with language twisting his words to match the ambience of each section… In his growth as a ‘human being’ D becomes the ultimate rebel against a constricted and bigoted society that classes SIMs as less than human… it’s full of violence and gore as you would expect from Remic, yet feels very new with the experimentation he undertakes, challenging the reader as the novel switches tone frequently. Nevertheless, SIMis a bloody good book and a bargain to boot!”

Terror Tree

Vampire Warlords Review

‘Vampire Warlords’ is a dark and very gritty read to the extent where I found myself sucked into that darkness just to see if there was any light at the end of it… Remic lays it all on the line and the end result is a surprisingly touching novel… Nowhere is this more evident than in Kell himself, a character moving out of the shadow of Gemmell’s Druss and becoming an engaging character in his own right.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ve got Remic’s natural talent for throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) at ‘Vampire Warlords’, resulting in a book that hurtles along at a breakneck pace but never falls over once. You’ve got to admire a writer that can keep control of things like that. Eight and a Half out of Ten.”