The White TowersDo you want to experience MUD-ORCS slaughtered by axe-wielding maniacs?

Do you want to see the damage an ELF-RAT sorcerer can inflict?

Do you want anti-heroes, baby, anti-heroes….?

Well you need a slice of Andy Remic’s latest books then – and there’s 20 of the blighters up for grabs!!

To celebrate the IMPENDING release of THE WHITE TOWERS, follow up to the much celebrated THE IRON WOLVES at the beginning of June 2014, Angry Robot Books are running not one, but two!! Goodreads giveaway competitions – one for The Iron Wolves and one for The White Towers.

There are 10 COPIES!! of each book up for grabs and anyone from the UK, US, Canada and Ireland can enter the competition. This competition is live until the 20th of June 2014.

Here are the links:

The Iron Wolves –

The White Towers –



 OK, so this is the deal. I’ve had a lot of emails recently either demanding a return of Carter/Kade from the original Spiral books, or screeching for the return of Keenan, Franco and Pippa for another Combat K mission.

Well here’s the thing. After finishing THE IRON WOLVES for Angry Robot and my comedy side-project THE BOBBIT, I’ve a bit of free time over the summer — and YOU THE READERS get to choose what I write next!! Because, y’know, Rem LOVES YOU ALL. xxx.

So, here’s the competition bit. Either email me, Andy Remic – jappoc [at] – or give me a tweet @andyremic with the subject line I WANT SPIRAL NEXT or I WANT COMBAT K NEXT, and a single sentence explaining WHY.

THE PRIZE: Well, not only do you choose in which universe I next write, but you’ll also get 1) a free copy of the finished book, both digital and paperback; 2) a marked-up original one-off paper manuscript of the work, with all corrections and everything; 3) the chance to hang out with Rem for the day; probably in a pub.

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting, facebooking or emailing!!

Rem competition_500

Jordan Reyne, New Zealand’s premiere

bloodthirsty Celtic rock and machine sounds
has teamed up with Anarchy Books to bring you a dazzling

short story writing competition!

Jordan Reyne’s new album, Children of a Factory Nation, is being released September 2011 and
follows a family who lived in Wales in the late 1800s during the Industrial
Revolution. Like many alive in their time, they faced problems relating to
difficult working conditions, poverty, and the tyranny of circumstance. This
album constructs stories from facts known about Johnathan, Mary, their children
Molly & Thomas, and grandchild Wynne.

The competition is to write a short story surrounding any character or
sets of characters from Children of a Factory Nation using Jordan
Reyne’s lyrics
or the facts about their real life counterparts
as a starting point. The competition will be judged by Andy Remic, SFF
author and co-owner of Anarchy Books, John Jarrold, esteemed agent with
decades of experience in the publishing industry as both editor and agent, David
, editor of the fabulous SFX magazine, Lee Harris, editor at
Angry Robot Books, James Lovegrove, SFF New York Times bestselling
author, Gary McMahon, rising star of the Horror Genre (and all-round
nice-guy beer drinker), Jared Shurin of popular online magazine
Pornokitsch, and the incredible Hugo award winner Ellen Datlow, veteran
editor in horror and SFF fields.
First prize is publication in the album’s accompanying magazine and on
the website, £100, a t-shirt, signed copy of the album Children of a Factory Nation, and the first three Anarchy Books
ebook releases, in all digital formats. Three runners up will receive a signed
copy of Jordan Reyne’s new album.

Stories should be no longer than 3000 words, and submitted digitally in a
single file (either .doc, .rtf or .pdf)

Deadline for final entries is Sunday 14th August. The
winner(s) will be announced on Sunday 28th August. Authors must be willing to
give 6 months exclusivity on the story (from the time of publication) if they
win the competition. Happy writing!!



radical new publishing company. Our focus is on multi-strand publishing
projects, concepts which combine different media to present a wider experience
for the entertainment junkie. Our first project, SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED,
is a thriller novel by ANDY REMIC, genre author of SPIRAL, QUAKE, WARHEAD, WAR
VAMPIRE WARLORDS, with the music album provided by TH3 M1SS1NG and short film
created by GRUNGE FILMS. The novel and album were released April 2011. Our
second novel is THE OFFICE OF LOST AND FOUND by Vincent Holland-Keen, a homage
to Douglas Adams, and we have many more upcoming titles by popular authors such
as Eric Brown, James Lovegrove, Jeffrey Thomas, Tony Ballantyne and Neal Asher,
to name but a few.

Run from the UK and publishing worldwide, ANARCHY BOOKS aims to move forward the
ever-expanding publishing boundaries of digital media with energy, originality,
multi-strand projects and anarchy. Like the explosive punk movement of the 70s,
ANARCHY BOOKS is detonating with a view to the future of rapidly accelerating
digital concept media.

Long live ANARCHY in the UK!!