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Here’s my 12 Days of Christmas post at Angry Robot Books, where I discuss being an author and a ZX Spectrum Addict, comment on playing KNIGHT LORE pretty much 30 years ago, and highlight Luca Bordoni’s fabulous new(ish) Ultimate-inspired “Land of Mire Mare” game…..

And a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers 🙂

Mire Mare

Yes, those “Crazee Fools” have not only reviewed my book The Iron Wolves, but accepted “The Wolf Pack” into their homes, and worn the t-shirt and sent me a picture!! Crazeeeeee (just drug him and get him in the plane)!!

Here’s the first, Phil and Pluto from Grimdark Reader –

Phil Witvliet & Pluto - Grimdark Reader

And then there’s Crazeee Bob at Beauty in Ruins –

Bob at Beauty in Ruins

Sooooo……. if you’re a blogger/reviewer, and fancy a free t-shirt (and other goodies) for a review (good OR bad!) then there’s a couple left, so get reading 🙂

Angry Robot review Roundup at –





Listening to Digital Front’s *awesome* horror EP, “Dark Places”, inspired by various horror movies. If you like music, or horror music, Mogwai, or being spooked by listening to music in the dark – then you MUST check this out. It’s totally fabulous. And you can download it for only ÂŁ2.00. Less than a kebab. You’d be crazy not to listen…….

Dark Places


Yes, er, I am now on IMDB as a “Director”. It’s a very strange feeling (a bit like jumping naked into shark infested waters) and I feel like I’m now swimming in a much larger, vicious pond. Should be…. fun!!  Ha!!

You can see my IMDB entry here –

And the entry for my feature film, Impurity, which is currently in post-production, here –

It stars Frazer Hines, who played “Jamie” in that little BBC show, what’s it called again……? Oh yes. Doctor Who.

IMPURITY 1.2_500




A MerrANARCHY Christmas!!

 From 25th December 2013 (9.00AM GMT) for 5 days, as a very special Christmas treat for all you lucky people who might have received a new Kindle for Christmas, you can pick up 5 TITLES FOR FREE from Anarchy Books!!! Wowsers! (etc).

All you need to do is go to and follow the relevant link for Amazon versions (Mobi/Kindle).

The free titles are:

TWJ_500The Warrior’s Journey by Edward Drake

The Warrior’s Journey is an epic fantasy set in a mystical dark age where monsters roam the plains, mages wield powerful sorcery and arguments are settled by the honour of the blade.

In the land of Castille, Garrick Chilver is a soldier trained in combat by his honourable father, Sir Nickholi. The tale follows Garrick and his companions, an enslaved pair of outcasts, an old knight returning home to his family, an imprisoned murderer, a young innocent marked for great power, and a mysterious sorcerer – as their land is struck by a series of terrible and catastrophic disasters. As demons and dark sorcerers roam the lands wreaking terror, chaos and death, Garrick and his companions find a common goal in their struggles against the corrupt Brotherhood of Guardians and the evil Paladins of the Gods.

When the person closest to Garrick is slaughtered by the leader of the Paladins, Garrick’s journey of vengeance brings him to the capital of Castille where, alongside its rulers, he will face the true evil that stalks the world…

The Warrior’s Journey is an epic tale of champions and honour, showing what it truly means to be a hero – a shining example of a bright flame ranged against the darkness of chaos!

Monsters Anonymous by Theresa Derwin

Have you looked in the closet lately? Well beware, because some things are not meant to come out…

Monsters Anonymous, a support group that lets the monsters out from behind the closet door. A place where creatures from nightmare meet up, share their experiences, and talk about their addictions… Because addiction is what monsters suffer; whether it’s the vampire addicted to blood, the cannibal or were addicted to meat, or the mummy addicted to life essence – these monsters are misunderstood, and want to share their stories.

From the streets of Victorian London, the jungles of deepest Mexico, the ancient city of Thebes or the sex-shop backstreets of Birmingham, monsters get into all sorts of places… and all sorts of devices. Wild chases, raw meat, unorthodox sex toys and the Holy Grail, Monsters Anonymous will make you laugh, weep, and maybe even scream.

Four Realms Final_500The Four Realms by Adrian Faulkner

Half-vampire Darwin stumbles across a corpse on the streets of London, and in a pocket discovers a notebook in a mysterious language. Divided between human ethics and vampire blood lust, Darwin finds himself both condemner and saviour of a race who’ve never considered him one of their own. Now, he must try and lead the survivors to sanctuary in New Salisbury before Mr West completes his genocide of the vampires in his quest to obtain the book…

Maureen Summerglass is eighty-two years old, a prisoner in her ramshackle home. She is afraid to let people enter in case they discover the oak door in her cellar. Threatened with homelessness and retirement from her job as a gatekeeper between worlds, Maureen breaks protocol when the death of a close friend is covered up… and enters the city of New Salisbury to search for his missing notebook. There, she discovers a world unlike the one of myth and fairy tale she imagined, and instead one of black market economies, brand names and tuk tuks. As she investigates, not only is she in extreme danger, but discovers she may be the first human female able to use magic…

Serial Killers Incorporated by Andy RemicSKINC_FINAL 500Meet Callaghan, a hard-drinking, drug-fuelled, womanising no-good son-of-a-bitch. He’s the amoral hardcore photographer for Black & White, the tabloid rag that tells it as it is. Or at least, how it should be.

Callaghan’s in way too deep with Mia, his Mexican stripper girlfriend… and even deeper with Sophie, estranged wife to Vladimir “Vodka” Katchevsy, infamous Romanian gun-runner and self-eulogising expert at human problem solving. People start to die. And Callaghan’s caught in the middle. A situation even his Porsche GT3, Canary Wharf Penthouse suite and corrupt politician contacts can’t solve.

At the nadir of his downward spiral, Callaghan is approached by a man: a serial killer who brings him a very unique and dangerous proposition…


Silversands by Gareth L. Powell

In an age where interstellar travel is dangerous and unpredictable, and no-one knows exactly where they’ll end up, Avril Bradley is a Communications officer onboard a ship sent to re-contact as many of these lost souls as possible. But a mysterious explosion strands her in a world of political intrigue, espionage and subterfuge; a world of retired cops, digital ghosts and corporate assassins who fight for possession of computer data lain undisturbed for almost a century. . .



It would seem this Christmas I am blessed, and indeed, it has come early!! Not only did the postie bring New Model Army’s latest album, Between Dog and Wolf (my favourite band), he also brought the audiobook version of my new novel, The Iron Wolves. Coincidence – with all this wolf-themery? Surely not?? (I wrote TIW end 12/early 13). The NMA album is absolutely brilliant – really thundering tribal drums, subtle harmonies and cool lyrics (and considerable bravery with NMA doing something new and original). And, ahem, a very good aural accompaniment to the reading of my book, as its very Celtic, moody, dreamy, tribal.

Napoleon Ryan’s reading of my book is amazing, professional and growling/spitting/snarling as required. Well done that man!! Well impressed (although I still wanted Brian Blessed to do it).

So then. Maybe this year I’ll have a good Christmas!!?? 🙂 Here’s hoping. Last year’s was….. Not Good. “And the things that followed? Well. None of that was supposed to happen.” (c)2014

The Wolves

Check out:

The Iron Wolves –

New Model Army –

(and can I just say, the quality of the hardback album/book is like nothing I’ve ever seen in music before; absolutely luxurious, from the glossy paper, Joolz’s artistry, the whole quality feel – I want to eat it).

Napoleon Ryan –

(my liccle film) Impurity the Movie –

The Iron Wolves, out 31st Dec 2013 in the US, 2nd Jan 2014 in the UK.

Cheers!! And Merry Christmas/ spunky New Year.







Hey, so I decide on a Kindle Fire HD (16gb) for my Christmas present from the boys. Hurrah!! Dutifully put in my order 10 days ago “to beat the Christmas rush”. Ha.

First delivery, by those happy slappy sloppy dudes at DPD couriers doesn’t turn up. Not attempted, you understand, but does not turn up. I love that. Sitting there in your dressing gown like a (younger, better looking) Hugh Heffner, waiting for your Kindle Fire HD (16gb). The really annoying bit is DPD tell Amazon they “attempted delivery”. Er. No guys. You didn’t. I live quite rural, and the delivery guy gave up. Simples. Not a problem for other delivery drivers, but obviously DPD don’t eat 3 shredded wheat in the morning.

2nd delivery – again, sitting like an idiot waiting for the van, the van, the van that never arrives. Reason for non-attempted delivery? “We did not have a name or telephone number.” Er. okay. But you had the address, right? The address you’re delivering to? Yeah? Surely – you can thus deliver to it? And you actually emailed me to say you were delivering the Kindle – and then didn’t.

Third attempt. Wife sits in, then I sit in. A coupla idiots. But not as idiotic as the “delivery” driver… I receive an email to say he’ll be an hour late. And then he doesn’t turn up at all. SIGH. I was *really* surprised. I phone Amazon (bounced to the US, then to Ireland) and the really galling thing is DPD say they “attempted delivery” – so it’s my fault! Silly me, of course it is you mongrels! NO, DPD! YOU DID NOT TRY! YOU CHEATED ME OF MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FROM MY CHILDREN!! And the moral of the story? Don’t buy stuff from Amazon? Don’t rely on DPD? Your choice, peoples. (Oooh what’s this – Apple. Apple iPad mini? Do you think they’ll deliver on time with a good courier???? I reckon they might…).

Moral of the story? – Don’t rely on AMAZON or DPD Couriers for your Christmas presents. Even if you order 20 damn days before!!! 🙂

ADDITIONAL – 14th December 2013.

My wife walked into Argos in Lincoln and bought a Kindle Fire HD 16GB. No fuss. No drama. No being messed about by useless delivery drivers and 20 minute queues telephoning Amazon.  Sigh.