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It is with great pleasure, I can now announce the new author editions of my first three SPIRAL novels, first published by Orbit Books in 2003, 2004 and 2005 respectively. Not only that, but I will be publishing a brand new adventure in the series starring Carter and his psychopathic alter-ego, Kade, due out in December 2014. Entitled The Downward Spiral, the novel follows Carter’s adventures directly after the climax of the third instalment, Warhead.

The new author editions (think “Director’s Cut” in movie parlance)will contain the addition of some deleted scenes (such as Sgt Simmo’s darkly humorous Armoury Inspection by military inspectors, OfSTANK), the addition of various new action scenes, new author forewords, notes on “the writing of” and author interviews from the period of original publication. There will also be a bonus linking short-story at the end of SPIRAL.

Finally, I can hereby reveal the new cover artwork, by good friend and artist, Mongrel Jones.

SPIRAL 2014 500 QUAKE 2014 500 WARHEAD 2014 500 Downward Spiral 2014 500

All four books will be published by Anarchy Books ( and publications dates are as follows:

SPIRAL – February 28th 2014

QUAKE – April 30th 2014

WARHEAD – June 30th 2014

THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL – December 1st 2014.

I’ll be releasing ARCs in due course, and as ever, will be available for interviews, podcasts, guest blogs etc. Please spread the word!!

Andy Remic, January 2014.




That’s right, today Orbit have released my first three novels – SPIRAL, QUAKE and WARHEAD as wonderful fabulous eBooks. You can read more about this monumental event at: – and indeed, now read my first three fast-paced action SF thrillers on your digital reader of choice.

“Hugely entertaining and packed with more explosive action scenes than is probably decent, SPIRAL starts off loud and ends in a bang” – WATERSTONE’S BOOKS QUARTERLY

“Spiral is certainly chock full of action … ideal summer reading if you’re looking for something filmic” – SFRevu

“A new writer who knows what a regular reader sitting on the bus wants – action . . . Pure Die Hard, pure Rambo. This has got to be a film, surely!” – LADSMAG

“Fans of the action adventure genre will not be disappointed by SPIRAL . . . A light, fast read with quick action” – THE REVIEWS PAGE