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I recently posted a film of a panel at FantasyCon 2009. There has been a complaint. I did not get written consent from all the panel members. As such, I have been “asked” to remove the film from YouTube. I have removed the film, so all links to it are now dead.

Apologies to anbody who wished to see Ian Graham’s comedy rendition of Beowulf.

I will be posting more video this weekend, courtesy of that lovely lady Gail Z. Martin, who it has to be said, was great fun at FantasyCon and is a cracking fellow author. Thanks Gail!! 🙂

Hi there, done a couple of interviews recently…

The most recent at Luke Reviews:

Then one for the BSFA at:

And finally, one in goold old fashioned “print” at Visionary Tongue, which can be ordered at: