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Kell's Legend by Andy Remic.

“Did I mention the clockwork vampires?

Like Gemmell, Remic is working in territory familiar to the fantasy fan, but he combines familiar elements into an engaging tapestry of action. Remic’s writing jumps off the page and leaves reader’s asking for more as the book’s final page ends on a desperate cliffhanger … As can be seen from the brief synopsis of the book’s opening, Remic draws from many of my favorite fantasy authors for inspiration. Kell’s Legend contains echoes of Moorcock, Lieber, Howard, and Gemmell while maintaining a rich originality.”

Full review at:

Many thanks to Mr Christian Lindke…. and now seems a  good time to re-link to my little Kell’s Legend film 🙂

And the second book, Soul Stealers, is now available, with Vampire Warlords following in May/June 2011.

Soul Stealers, by Andy Remic.


Many thanks to Lukas for sending this in – it made my day 🙂

 Dear Mr Remic,

Loving your books mate. Has been hard for me to find a good fantasy read since David Gemmell passed.. alot of “pixies**t” out there as the great man himself would have put it 🙂

So, I am thoroughly enjoying your Clockwork Vampire series – though a little concerned that I will finish Soul Stealers long before the third book is released.. haha

Was thinking how much I’d love a prequel featuring Kell and his bravos hunting the vachine in the Black Pikes. I can conjure up some badass scenarios lol.

In the meantime, keep up the very excellent work – and you can be sure your novels will hold their place on my considerable bookshelf. Filed under Blood-oil magick of course.

Lukas Wolfe


Hi there, I’m really chuffed with this new review of Soul Stealers just out, over at:

“Filled with edge of your seat suspense that’ll have you reading non-stop, violent action that’ll leave you breathless and begging for relief, and characters that’ll have you cheering for victory and crying for revenge, Soul Stealers is a worthy sequel to Kell’s Legend. Remic continues to prove himself a worthy successor to David Gemmell’s heroic fantasy lineage.  Soul Stealers: Book II of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles is available now wherever fine books are sold. Be sure to watch for Vampire Warlords: Book III of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles in June of 2011.”

Thanks very much to Jess Horsley for taking the time to review Soul Stealers… 🙂  Merry Christmas indeedy!!

That’s right, the dudes at AR are selling short stories digitally!!

Consider the following statements:

  • 1. We love short stories
  • 2. You love short stories
  • 3. Many of our authors write short stories

Put them together, and what do you get? That’s right – the Angry Robot Short Story Store.

Here’s the official Press Release type thing, but what it boils down to, is: From December 1st you can buy short stories (or “Angry Robot Nano Editions”) by our authors from our online eBook store ( – at realistic prices. And if you buy lots, you get great discounts!

Digital publishing – it needn’t be rocket science…

For the full story, check out

Hi there, had a really cool time on Saturday signing at Bookmark with Sam and Frazer. Met lots of really nice people, ate incredible cheesecake,and genuinely visited an amazing “old breed” of bookshop. Bookmark in Spalding is very much recommended, a really pleasant environment in which to shop – and indeed – to do a book signing.

Above, a very pleasant young lady, Terri, and her daughter, who kindly popped in to visit. And below, there’s a pic of me with editor of MURKY DEPTHS,  Terry Martin. I’ll be writing a short story for this brill publication real soon 🙂

Check out

Okay, like a snail crawling out of its (writerly) shell, I have emerged and have a few new gigs lined up—–

First, I’m dropping in to Waterstones, Lincoln this Friday at 12.00 noon (that’s 12th November) to sign a big bunch o’ stock. If you want to call by for a coffee and chat, that’s fine by me. 🙂  [I was going to sign, but Jordan – aka Katie Price – beat me to it, grrrrr. She has more, shall we say, momentum than I. Peter Andre – you were a VERY brave man indeed haha!!].

Second, I’m involved in a threeway joint signing at Bookmark in Spalding, along with Sam Stone and actor Frazer Hines, which promises to be a LOT of fun!!

“Meet Sam Stone, Frazer Hines & Horror/SFF Writer Andy Remic at this in quaint award winning independent bookstore.
18-20 The Crescent, Spalding, PE11 1AF.  Tel: 01775 769 231
EVENT TIME: 11am – 1pm”

Third, I’ve got signings coming up at Boston, Manchester, Nottingham and London – just confirming dates over the next few days.

And fourth, and perhaps biggest, I’m attending the SFX Weekender 2 at Camber Sands in Sussex, February 2011. Promises to be a dazzling event!! 🙂  I just CANNOT WAIT to see Craig Charles (from Red Dwarf) DJ! Rasta Billy!! and indeed, Dave Bradley, SFX editor, whom I’m a big fan of from his PC Format writing days 🙂     –(I still have some old issues with his grinning face in the editorial pages).